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i dont like my food mixed!

andrea cannonandrea cannon Oxford,MississippiMember Posts: 29
edited 2 April, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
well, my mommy put me on a food by eukanuba for allergies and i love it so much, the problem is she is trying to transition me using some of the old food with the new food like she is supposed to...i wont eat it! i like the eukanuba by itself and i hate the friskies now! she set a few pieces of eukanuba down for me and i ate like a mad man but when she mixed it with the friskies i immediatly "cat backed" at it as to say "this is gross together" can mommy just feed me the eukanuba or should she just continue mixing it for the 7 days?


  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 24 March, 2010
    Well, if he's accepted the new food, I think it might be ok to just let him have the new food. A lot of that slow transition stuff is done for two reasons: 1) it habituates the cat to a new food slowly, so they are not put off by a sudden change; 2) it helps prevent stomach upset. However, it sounds like the new food is less likely to flare up his allergies than the old one was, and it sounds like he knows it and likes it better. I'd say just trust that he's accepted the change and he approves it, and that hopefully any stomach upset that could happen is going to be counterbalanced by the fact that this food is easier on his tummy. He might have noticed that last part, btw: cats are not human-level smart, but can be pretty savvy when it comes to their own realm of things. Half the time I try to maybe introduce something slightly cheaper in the cats' diet (because their wet food: hella expensive), they do look at me as if to say: "What is this? This does not pass my standards of care. Make with the other food, lady" :)) :))!
  • Jenifer BorkeJenifer Borke West Chester Ohio OHMember Posts: 18
    edited 25 March, 2010
    Hey there Ginji! You lucky cat Mom works for the company that makes Eukanuba, and my 4 feline brothers and I reap the benefits of that every day! Hey- if your belly is doing OK on the new food, and you aren't having any issues on it- then I think you might be just fine. Each one of us is different- I can personally eat anything, but my brother Chunk? Not so much.....he has a very touchy belly. Good luck on your new food!
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 25 March, 2010
    We are having this problem with one of our dogs whom we are switching from Nature's Recipe onto something much better (Wellness Core), since his digestion seems to be handling it okay we just went ahead and switched him cold turkey. I've got allergies and am doing extremely well on Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet (canned food only) and other grain free kitty foods (Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, Wellness Core), I only eat canned food and love it! Mommy said she's really seen a difference since cracking down on not letting me eat allergen causing ingredients. Even though I still try to steal kibble from Mini Dee :)
  • andrea cannonandrea cannon Oxford,MississippiMember Posts: 29
    edited 2 April, 2010
    after the Eukanuba craze, i stopped eating it...dont know why but i wont touch it anymore! i walked up to the bowl and "cat backed" it for 2 whole days!! mom went back to feeding me canned fancy feast. i nibble at that and dont really like that either. what i really want is natural balance ultra premium, mom thought it was too much magnesium for me since i was drinking tons of water and walking around licking my mouth constantly. maybe i should try the limited ingredients one? i liked natural balance alot!! since i wont eat the eukanuba anymore im stuck with the fancy feast can. can anyone recommend an affordable food for me? i have allergies and problems with my ears and itchy face since i like natural balance is the limited ingredients one any good for allergies?
  • Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
    edited 2 April, 2010
    The limited ingredient food is meant for cats and dogs with allergies so it should work fine.
  • andrea cannonandrea cannon Oxford,MississippiMember Posts: 29
    edited 2 April, 2010
    thanks oliver, we will try that and see if it walking around miserable today....i havent ate much fancy feast...i cant stand it, its making me gag and upsetting my stomach..we will get the natural balance limited ingredients monday when dad gets paid....2 more days of the fancy feast...ewww....maybe mom will give me some boiled chicken=D>
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