My tummy hurts.

Allyson HenryAllyson Henry Member Posts: 8
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Hi! I'm Chancie; or as my mommy calls me, Shance; and I was abandoned at only a few hours old until she took me in. I am now a week old but in the past few days my tummy has been really bloated just above my ribcage. It makes me slightly pear shaped and mommy think that its because I take in gulps of air with my milk. She wants to know it theres any herbs or techniques to help me get the air out so I don't colic. She has already tried lightly kneading my tummy every few hours and stroking my bottom with a warm, damp cotton ball, but its not working. Help? ((( Chancie's mommy says: I don't know if she's just got a big belly from eating well or if its gas- but her stomache is rather firm and it seems like if she was just fat; it would yeild to my touch and be a bit higher up. Maybe I'm just being silly but if you guys could help me that would be great. I can't afford any kind of vet service for her yet. )))


  • Alice KehmAlice Kehm LenhartsvilleMember Posts: 159
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    When a mommy cat is feeding her young she is always licking at they private parts to help then go to the relieve themselves . Maybe the best thing is to find a shelter who has a mommy cat with kittens and see if she will take over for you . Kittens have to be feed every 2 to 3 hours with mommy cleaning them at the sametime . Also what kind of milk are you giving the kitten , is it replacement or are you trying to feed him regular milk ? What is best to kitty is replacement . Hope I gave you good advice that will help you .
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    Yes, we are feeding our kitten replacement milk- and even watering it down slightly, and we've been 'licking' her with a cotton ball dampened with warm water. :] And thankfully- we were able to resolve our problem! Our rescued dog Bailey; a LabXDashund mix has taken over mommying Shance, doing absolutely everything except feed- which we do. Shance's tummy has gone down quite a bit and she is much healthier looking. Thanks for the help though!
  • Alice KehmAlice Kehm LenhartsvilleMember Posts: 159
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    It's Good to hear that she is doing well and that your dog has taken over being mommy to her . Keep giving her the replacement milk until you start her on soft food more like a grule then kitty food . Good luck and take care .
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    This does happen a lot because many people are actually too gentle on the kitten's butt--remember the momcat has a rough tongue! So sometimes a regular washcloth, used with a wee bit more enthusiasm than what you would think, is the answer. If your doggie is doing the licking, that's great! Sometimes dogs get too carried away and give the kittens some awfully strange hairdos, though.
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