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Doomed to be a Solo Cat?

Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
edited 21 April, 2010 in Behavior & Training
One of our rescued kitties is in foster care, and he is very, very playful. He plays rough, and always wants to play, play bite, scratch gently, paws with the back paws. He was a complete angel in a foster home with no other cats, but he acted out in a home with a senior male cat which he did not get along with (he'd bite his neck and they'd tussle). Is he doomed to be a solo cat? If so, wouldn't it be too boring for him w/o a playmate with all that energy? Would he become more destructive without a friend? Would a home with an equally playful cat work, or a home with a dog (he's not scared of anything and is very confident)? Otherwise he's the sweetest boy- very social and confident. I wonder if he was in a home w/an equally confident cat, they might fight? He cannot be with a cat that cannot keep up with him, it has caused the other cat health problems and caused her to hide and steer clear of him. Thanks in advance, Sara


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 20 April, 2010
    Tabitha, we foster a lot and one of our jobs is to recommend what kind of home would be the right match for a kitty. Some are definitely meant to be solo and suffer no ill effects - they actually prefer it. However, when we have a high energy kitty we do usually recommend that they go to a home with another high energy cat. Can you try another foster home that has a teenager or young adult to see how it goes? Just because a kitty doesn't get along with one cat doesn't mean it won't get along with another. It's worth a try. If you had an interested family you could also try what we call "foster with intent". The potential adopters could take the kitty home to see if they got along with the current resident. The understanding is that if the two cats can't work it out they bring the foster back, but if they can, the family adopts the foster. Hope this helps!
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 20 April, 2010
    high energy young males tend to get along with neuterd young males. boy kittens up untill around 2 years are annoying and like to play fight. he would probibly pee-off older males and be too much energy for females. cat freindly dogs who like to play with cats are a good choice also. my girls dislike young males for this reason. if you dont want to listen to RRRRROOOWWW HISSSSS all day, he would need another boy to play with or some good toys
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 20 April, 2010
    i should add, both cats should be netuerd. the likly of being in compitiion with eatchother would be low as long as eatch cat has his own litter pan, dish and bed
  • Kitty_Pryde_and_JackKitty_Pryde_and_Jack los angelesMember Posts: 317 ✭✭✭
    edited 20 April, 2010
    This makes me wonder boy will be 2 yrs old in August and my girl will be two next month and he is hiiiiigh energy and she used to be before she got spayed at 5 months....You think that she hisses/etc because he is all about playing and she isn't? "cause that's what I think it is! I adopted him because she was alone a lot and not getting as much play time (and she was only about 4 months and needed it!) because my schedule had changed after having her a couple of months and she got along with other cats at other places....maybe girls energy goes down faster than the boys do? and do the boys then calm down after two years old comes? I worry she wants to be a solo kitty sometimes, even though she likes him when he is calm.

    Kitty Pryde and Jack

  • Sara KangSara Kang Member Posts: 403
    edited 21 April, 2010
    Oh he is already neutered & about 1-2 years old, but that didn't help. Great advice-- a home with a similar aged or older teen kitten (neutered male) might be best! He was actually a good boy without other cats, perhaps he will mellow out in good time... We also have a hyperactive female teen kitten who might need Prozac. No joke. We have never seen anything like her-- she literally chases, jumps, scrambles and tries to play attack on all the adult kitties with no shame or fear. She play bites and scratches a bit too much, but is otherwise super human friendly. And yes, she's a spayed female. I'm worried she might be destructive as an only cat, yet I worry just as much that she will drive any existing cats crazy. I guess she has to be with a cat-friendly playful dog, right? Thanks, Tabitha
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