Collars for cats who like to run out

Tania SerranoTania Serrano TorontoMember Posts: 15
My mom is worried because I used to be a stray and now I'm supposed to be an indoor cat. Unfortunately, I remember what it was like to be outdoors so whenever I see the door open, I just want to run out. I'm grey so at night I'm hard to see. Does anyone know if a beeping collar exists or one that lights up in the dark?


  • Jady A-Jady A- M. (Close to Toronto)Member Posts: 2
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi! A collar is definitely a good idea :) You should also microchip him! Anyways, there are collars that reflect light, but if there is no light to be reflected..what good is it? Recently my dog went to the vet, and got a light up thing you can attach to the collar at night that flashes. You might want to think about putting one of those on your cats coller as well as a microchip- just in case. Stay safe :)
  • Tania SerranoTania Serrano TorontoMember Posts: 15
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thanks Kisha! You are a smart kitty. I am microchipped but Mom wants to be able to find me in the dark. I'm bad...I know I shouldn't go outside but I can't help it. I'm a kitten and I am fearless. :)
  • Stacy KrupilisStacy Krupilis Boynton BeachMember Posts: 4
    edited 27 February, 2006
    eBay has some LED light pet collars and I have seen some light up ID tags. I've never purchased any, but it might be something to look into.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I suppose you can always get a collar with a bell! Stay safe!
  • Tania SerranoTania Serrano TorontoMember Posts: 15
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thanks everyone for all your helpfull suggestions! Arthur, I have put a bell on his leather collar. This helps when he is on the move. In the meatime Isis I will check out eBay for the LED light collar you speak of. Funny thing is he even needs one for indoors because Apollo is a perculiar kitty who likes to sleep in the middle of the floor on the brown carpet where we don't always see him so now I'm worried about stepping on him. Ha ha! He has been better about not running outside. He got scolded the few times he tried. Thanks again.
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