Litterbox issues, not my cat...

Jessica BlackJessica Black Member Posts: 460
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So my mother is a very stubborn, old fashioned and closed minded person, I love her dearly and I've come to accept this huge personality flaw of hers. Except now, one of her cats may suffer for it. She has a Persian that pees outside of her box. This Persian is a one-person, one-cat household type of a cat. She is a little neurotic but sweet none the less. Pretty Kitty is 8 years old and retired from breeding when she was 5 and was spayed. My mom won't take any of the advice I've given her. She buys the cheap non scoop litter, only changes it once a week & doesn't scoop the poop. The litter box is a high rise (she just took the top off of a hooded one) and it's kind of small. There is only one available to her. She keeps her in the bathroom now, all alone because "she doesn't like to share a box with the other cats". Yet she still pees and poops everywhere. My mom has the mindset that once a cat starts peeing in the house, they'll never change. But she won't even try anything to change it! She won't listen to me, after all, how can her 20 year old daughter possibly know more about animals than her. She loves animals and I can't count how many pets I had growing up, all of them spoiled and well cared for. Heck, I've known my vet since before I could talk. She means well but is just very set in her ways and can't keep up with the times. The other day she mentioned something about cats peeing on the bed when they're mad at you and I told her this wasn't true but there was no arguing with her. Same goes with feeding quality food etc... Sorry this was a bit of a vent... it just really upsets me


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    I understand how you feel. Is there any way to have the vet tell her how to prevent the peeing outside the box? Possibly she'd listen then. I know how frustrating it can be to have someone say their cat or dog peed somewhere because of anger. If a cat was angry at you, he'd bite you! Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck!
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