getting spayed! meow!

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I\'m getting spayed the day after Christmas :( I\'m scared. Any advice from those who have been through it already??? love, Destiny


  • Denine BlevinsDenine Blevins CharlotteMember Posts: 357
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    I've not been spayed yet, but I feel for you. . .I'm getting spayed on Monday. Sending you lots of purrs.
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
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    My adopted-kitty daughter got spayed nine days ago. She didn\'t even need her pain meds. She came home, rested for a bit, then was up romping around. Mommy had to get her off the counters because she was afraid Tuesday would hurt herself jumping. She acted like she felt fine. Good luck with your spays. I know your girls will do great too. *watching over you* Biscuit
  • c bc b summersideMember Posts: 55
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    hi destiny! i just had my spay done a couple of months ago - i spent two nights at the vet {the night before my surgery and the night after they did it} and then got to go home - i felt a bit weird for a day or so, didn't have much energy, bit sore where they'd cut & stitched, and just wanted to lay around on the couch -- but that didn't last and i was quickly back to normal. i got a tattoo while they had me asleep - mum says it's for indentification, but i think she just wanted me to look like her. good luck with yours - i'm sure you'll be fine! * meow*
  • c bc b summersideMember Posts: 55
    edited 16 September, 2009
    and i happen to know that angel ^^ milked it for all it was worth! i swear, that girl is SUCH a suckup --- when i had MY spay, i was up and running the same day.. not layin' around the house looking all sad and pathetic so mum would get out the chicken treats. *headshake* my little sis has all our people wrapped around her left paw - play's 'em like fiddles and gets whatever she wants... *mrrrrow* good luck destiny! ... i'm sure everything will go smoothly.
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    Just be sure and keep the house warm so your body temp doesn't drop too much. Surgery does that to us kitties!
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