Need help with class project from Bengal Owners!

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Hey guys! My silly mum needs your help. Here is what she says: "I am a college student at MTSU in Tennessee. For my Entrepreneurship class we have a Feasability Study for our class prodject, and I have decided to do my study on a Bengal Cattery and Supply Shop! I do not currently own a Bengal (my babies right now are mix-breed) but I have always loved these cats and I think it would be really neat to open a shop for them, where the kittens are bred and kept in a healthy, luxurious environment and everything they could wish for is right at their clawtips. Whether or not I could actually do this is waay up in the air right now, but for the study I need to know allot about the business environment surrounding these cats. Basically, what I am looking for here is owners to tell a little about WHY they bought their cats, and what circumstances, emotions, needs, etc, led you all to purchase and keep what most people consider a very expensive pet. For the study, I need to know WHO 'my' target market is(age range, gender, life circumstances?), and WHERE they are (big cities? the country? upper-class neighborhoods? etc) If you feel like just chattering about your cats and why you have them, that is fine! Don't feel like this is some interragation and clam up. Besides, I love just hearing about cats! Lord knows I love mine! Thanks so much! -Kaitlin"


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    Hello, I had wanted a Bengal for a while. They seemed like such an interesting breed. I purchased mine from a breeder in Montana and he flew to us in upstate New York. He did so well and when we let him out of the carrier, he had the best attitude. Very friendly and not skittish. He is a character. He loves to be up high. We have a cat tower in our sun room and he is always on the top. He is the most curious cat I know. He howls at other cats in our yard, plays fetch with his favorite balls. He also chews them like a dog would chew on a bone. He is very fast and always has something to say. His coat is amazingly soft and doesn't shed much. Bengals are very active and he has gotten into trouble many times. He is very persistent and sneaky. I am always trying to figure out his next adventure but as usual I just laugh it off and forgive him. He loves to cuddle on his own terms but if there is a blanket on you, he will cuddle. I have a nine month old daughter and he is getting closer and closer to her. She pinched him and he didn't flinch. He just got out of the way and came back to sniff her. I would say Bengals need a lot of attention, room to look outside and neat places to hide. They are soft and beautiful cats. He gets along great with my other cat. They have become buds. I hope this helps. I could go on and on. Good luck with everything! Charlie's Mom
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    Don\'t know if it\'s too late for your project (probably) but we just joined. I would say that your target audience is anyone who has the time for a very active cat. My brother and I climbed the drapes when we were little and I can often be found walking across the top of a door. Neither one of us likes to be held or gets along with children too much. We play fetch and my brother likes to drag toys around and growl the entire time that he is doing it. He can also jump about 5 or 6 feet from a sitting position and likes to practice every day. We get along good with all of our bros and sis\'s. We aren\'t really lap cats but will crawl under a comforter to share a lap while on the couch occassionally. We don\'t shed much (unless under extreme stress) and have VERY soft coats. We were bought from a breeder because mom and dad got 2 F4 Savannahs the year before and they had a lot of bengal in them so they wanted to go for snow bengals next. Mom thought that my brother was a spotted snow before she picked him up but he\'s a marble just like me. A great thing about snows is that we start out almost white and our markings darken over the first few years of our lives! It\'s really neat to watch. We love lots of things to climb on and tunnels to run around in. We got a large cat gym for Xmas last year and we love to jump around it and lounge on it. I would recommend a Bengal for anyone that has the time/energy to deal with a VERY active cat. It\'s a good and bad thing to get 2 - they keep each other occupied and get into TWICE the trouble! ~a~
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