Everybody in the litterbox!

Kendra ParkerKendra Parker Hudson ValleyMember Posts: 7
edited 7 October, 2005 in Behavior & Training
We (the humans) just finished renovating our basement, and we decided to put a cat flap on the bathroom door instead of leaving it open for access to the litterboxes, in order to keep our fresh new area fresh. :) Problem is, we don't know for sure if all four kitties know to go through the flap to use the box. We know at least one does, as the box has been dirty on occasions when we've shut the door, but we're afraid at night to leave the door shut in case someone doesn't "get it" yet and makes a mess on the new carpet. Any ideas for keeping tabs on who knows where to go? We've "encouraged" all of them to go through into the room (so we know they all fit, even Bosco here) but we can't figure a way to isolate who's doing what when we're not looking. Thanks!


  • Jennifer CrossanJennifer Crossan Scottsdale/PhoenixMember Posts: 291
    edited 27 February, 2006
    WIth multiple cats it's hard to know who's doing what -you have to catch them in the act. We have a doggie door to go out/in and we have 2 cats that don't know what it's for, and one that will swear to you it only goes one way!! We just kept putting them through it until they got it. Oscar and Sundance learned from watching the dogs -they had it figured out 24 hours after moving in!!
  • Kendra ParkerKendra Parker Hudson ValleyMember Posts: 7
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thanks! We actually tried an experiment over the weekend - you only get dinner if you go in through the cat door. Everybody figured it out pretty quick! In three days we felt confident enough to keep the big door shut all the time. Still have only caught a couple of them going in and out - the other two are sneaky.
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