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Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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Hunter has been starting to bite my arms this past weekend. Its only in the morning when I\'m still in bed. He sleeps with me. When hes awake he will bite my arms, it hurts. He is starting to lose his teeth, so I want this to stop before his adult teeth grow in. I\'ve firmly said \"NO!\" I tried \"EEK!\" in a high pitch voice, blowing softly in his face (which sometimes works) I\'ve grabbed him by the scruff of his neck ( bad idea, made it worse). he will actually grab my arm with both paws and attack my arm. he doesn\'t bite my hands anymore (he out grew that) He hasn\'t drawn any blood yet, and he only does it in the morning when we\'re both laying in bed. I don\'t know if thats his sign that hes up and hungry. Sometimes he does it at like 4:00am. I don\'t know what to do to stop it. I don\'t like the idea of squirting him with water. it seems like nothing distracts him. When hes focused on something, he goes for it! Any ideas?


  • Sophie VeilleuxSophie Veilleux Member Posts: 182
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    Sounds a bit like my kitty in the morning.. She wakes up as soon as the sun rises (so around 5:30) and comes to lick my face and bite my nose! I don't really mind tho bc shes not trying to hurt me. I just turn away my head or bury it in my pillow lol As for your kitty, he might be hungry and that's his way of telling you, or he wants to play, who knows! But you can try ignoring him; say NO and take him off your bed; shake something in a tin can (scares them away like theres no tomorrow :))! ); or you can use a spray bottle. I use a spray bottle and it's great, she stops what she's doing and runs away. I use a small eyeglass cleaner bottle (which I thoroughly washed out) and it's more misty than spray, but the sound and threat of water seem to do it. Let me know what you try next!
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    I would say "No!" in a firm voice (as firm as you can be at that hour, mol) scruff him and put him off the bed. He'll come right back but if he bites again, repeat. And repeat, and repeat and repeat. He'll get it eventually.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Hissing really works for mom when I bother her in the morning. She's gotten good enough that I sometimes wonder if she's not part cat. :-k [mom's note: momma cats hiss at their babies when they get too rambunctious. So imitating their hiss tells a kitty (big or small) "back off, momma is not in the mood to play"]
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    Well he did it again this morning. It was so early maybe 5:00am and I was still half sleeping, so I ignored him. He stopped, but then decided it was time to play. I'm starting to think its his way of waking me up. But I'm going to try a lil Hiss when he bites me. Hopefully that works out... :-k
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    Okay its starting to get out of control. Now it hurts. More so than it did before. I tried hissing this morning, didn't work. I put him off of the bed. He ran and attacked my arm. Now I'm at the point where I cover my arms with the blankets so he can't get to them. He isn't de-clawed so i don't understand why hes biting me. I don't konw what else to do. i guess I'm going to have to get a water bottle... :(( This is really frustrating, and painful!
  • Sophie VeilleuxSophie Veilleux Member Posts: 182
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    hmm that must be so annoying! How about keeping a toy next to your bed, and when he comes to bite you, distract him with the toy and throw it somewhere..I know that if he sees that you wake up and he gets attention every morning that he comes to bite you, it won't stop. I want to say ignore him and keep yourself covered up and pretend to keep sleeping when he comes, but i know it's hard. I remember someone posting once that this was the best way to stop this kind of behaviour.. It will take time and patience, but at this point I would try anything lol So try pretending to sleep even if you're not, he will realize the biting doesn't work and will (hopefully) stop. Keep updating us and good luck!
  • Janet WestJanet West StroudMember Posts: 2,239
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    Hi, Hunter and Meouwmy........ My Tambolina is nearly five now......AND HAS STOPPED BITING MY FEET IN THE EARLY MORNING WHEN SHE WANTS FOOD......!!!! She now just jumps on me and licks me and I give her a little cuddle and then throw her off and she goes away (and I go back to sleep)....... Keep trying all the different ways of stopping your cat from tormenting will eventually work...... OOOhhhh, they are so REVOLTING but so LOVELY....... Jan (and Tambolina) ps.....Auntie Miss Lillie just stares at me in the early morning.....this seems to work as well to wake me up, and Colin leaves me alone until I get up and see him, when he gives a big yawn and puts his paws out to me......!!! They are all SO WONDERFUL........ Jan
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    Had to look at his age, yuppers, he is 5 months old, he is a kitten, and this is so normal behavior for them. Hunter wants you to get up and feed him, it must be kinda close to his feeding time, and if he sees his mommy is awake, well heck, she is awake, she can feed me, NOW. :)) Do not do it, do not give in to him, do not get up, until it is his normal feeding time, if you do it even once, he will be relentless, heck, it worked last time, mol. :)) Pull the covers over your arms turn over, ignor him and go back to sleep. Let him run all over you and the bed he wants, and if he finds another part of the body, just throw the covers over that. He is a baby and he just has to learn, we do not get up, until its time, and biting mommy, does not get her up any faster, as I tell mine, you know the routine. :) Bumpurr did it when he was a kitten, only he pulled my hair with his claws and teeth, and on occassion, if I try to sleep past 6am on the weekends, he will start. I just pull the covers over my head, and try to sleep in until 7am. The kittens did this too, any toe or fingers, sticking out of the covers, were immed to be attacked. When they started, just had to make sure no toes or fingers were sticking out. When the alarm goes off, they know they get fed, and to this day, Cowboy will still bite my toes, when I get out of bed, mol, gotta get them in the slippers real quick, mol. :)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)):))
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    One thing that will eventually help (after his kitten-ness wears off!) is to never feed him until you have been up about 30 minutes; unless I'm taking a rare sleep in day mine never start bugging me anymore; I used to feed them the very first thing, but got tired of them getting really pushy first thing in the morning, so I take my medicines and start coffee (going in the kitchen a time or two without feeding seems to help as well), then everyone eats about 30 minutes later. So, since it's really late when it happens, and rare, I'll wake up with a smile if I sleep in and around 9:15 or so the cats come in; Ringo rubs up and down my whole back, while BooBoo comes on the other side and very gently, but hard enough, pushes my nose as if she's blowing a horn. :))
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    Well, I think I've figured out, that this is Hunters way of waking me up. He didn't bite at all this past Thursday! I was shocked. But then again, he did bite me Friday and this past Sunday (yesterday). Hes not doing it as frequent. Maybe because I don't get out of bed when he bites. Usually when I get up in the morning, I take a shower, get ready for the day, THEN feed Hunter. He must be starving in the morning, because he is stuck to me like glue, and he gets mad if I take a long shower. he will actually try to attack me through the shower curtain and whine whine whine. Hes such a baby! lol I still haven't figured out which method stops the biting though. Loud noises don't help. He loves the water bottle, hissing doesn't work, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck made it worse! However, lightly blowing in his face does distract him for a few seconds...
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