Cat won\'t cover up her waste!!!

Corinna WilliamsCorinna Williams Member Posts: 165
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So I have Piper's litter box in my bathroom and it stinks all the time even though we scoop all the time and the reason is because she doesn't cover up her waste. When she does 1 or 2 she digs at the sides of the litter box instead of in the actual litter and since she doesn't cover it up the smell is horrible and I have to cover up her waste or scoop it or else the smell lingers. Anyone have any advice on what I can do???


  • Clare YatesClare Yates KentMember Posts: 322 ✭✭
    edited 8 June, 2010
    I've had this problem for years, 17 years to be exact, Winnie has never covered up her waste, luckily i've always had more than one cat and the others are always happy to pop in after her and cover it up. I hope someone out there has some tips for you because i know how frustrating it can be.
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 8 June, 2010
    This isn't that unusual - I do it too. I scratch the sides of the box, the wall, the floor and the roll of toilet paper next to my box! Luckily my poop doesn't smell much 'cause I'm on a raw diet. We also use World's Best Cat Litter which is very absorbent so there's not much smell. Mom just scoops as soon as we go in. I don't think you can make her cover up her waste, but with the right diet and litter you may be able to lessen the odors.
  • ellen sklarellen sklar ExtonMember Posts: 256
    edited 8 June, 2010
    Priscilla and I never cover our deposits. Arthur and Molly will do that for us if they need to use the box after we have. Otherwise Mom just scoops it for us.
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 8 June, 2010
    What about trying a litter box that rakes the waste away? We seem to have the opposite problem with Coop. He loves to dig and dig, but when the box rakes his poopies away, he gets very upset and hops back in the box to dig some more. (I guess he's searching for them...MOL!) Just a suggestion, though. Purrs, Coop and Coop's Mom
  • Corinna WilliamsCorinna Williams Member Posts: 165
    edited 8 June, 2010
    I am going to have to try World's Best Cat Litter we have to try something. I thought about getting an automatic scooping litter box. I'll look up the prices. Thanks for the input.
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 8 June, 2010
    I can only speak for what we have, but we both love the ScoopFree. It's clean, and it's economical. And Coop took to the crystal litter right away. Purrs, Coop and Coop's mom
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 9 June, 2010
    I never cover mine, I don't know why. I scratch on the side of the box instead of inside. Doesn't matter what litter mommy uses. Lacey usually will come and cover my poop afterwards! Or mom will come and scoop it right away because I'm a super stinky boy.
  • Kitty_Pryde_and_JackKitty_Pryde_and_Jack los angelesMember Posts: 317 ✭✭✭
    edited 10 June, 2010
    I don't likes ta covers my poops. I make my little brofur do it 'cause sometimes he's not sure who tha boss is and I gotta show him that I am! The vet doc doc says...and Mommy ready it somewhere too, that when one kitty won't cover it if it's a multicat home, that that is a way of showing letting the othfur cats know you are there instead of like the wild when you gots ta covers it to hide yr presence. Sometimes Indy tries ta covers it befur I am evfen finished MOL! Hope that gives you some info 'cause it may not evfur change. oooh! Mommy wanted to add that she watched this video called Happy Cat, Happy Home and if she remembers correctly, if a cat doesn;t covfur then maybe they don't likes tha litter and the way it feels under their pawsies. Also, one thing is I usually nevfur cover at all, but we gots a bigger litter box the othfur day and when I used it tha furrrst time, I akshully covered.

    Kitty Pryde and Jack

  • Tanja EdenTanja Eden SacramentoMember Posts: 137
    edited 10 June, 2010
    I have 2 cats and none of them covers their business. I don't have any smell though because they are on raw diet. Santana is a whole male, so sometimes his pee stinks if I pass litterbox right after he went. I got littermate litter additive ( and it definitely works purrrfect. It is expensive but it lasts forever and probably would worth the money if my cats weren't on raw diet and I had the odor problems. I use Fresh Step litter but with littermate breeders usually get the cheapest litter, it really makes wonders with litter.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 10 June, 2010
    Some cats cover their stuff, some don't, each cat is different. Being that she is a calico and female, with that red "tude" gene, she may feel she doesn;t have to, mol, she is the princess, her hand maidens will do it for her, mol. :)):)):)):)):)):)):)):)) As far as the smell, that you can do something about. You want a large cat box, that is bedded deep, like 6 inches, put in box of baking soda for the smell, mix it with the litter, use 2 boxes if you have too, and scoop every day. I find that the scoopable litter does a better job, of getting out the pee and poop, than the clay litter. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D I would also ask what your feeding. There is a grocery store brand cat food, think it is Friskies, or Meow Mix, or one of those, that the poopy smell just makes you want to gag, never smelled anything so bad before. I feed a grain free feed, low in carbs, low in salt and other than if you happen to be in the bathroom, when they go poopy, it doesn;t smell at all. All mine are pretty good at covering it up, but I taught them too, as little bitty kittens. It is instintive for most, but wasn;t taking the chance, don't need smelly cat boxes at shows or in the hotels. When they did pee or poop, took their little paws and covered it up, then they got a treaty, kisses and pets. They don't automaticly do it as little kittens, they have to learn it from mommy kitty, or after 8 weeks old, from another kitty of the new household. Bumpurr taught them most everything, but this one, was not taking the chance. I would try and train her anyhow, it takes alot of repitition and alot of patience, it doesn;t happen overnight. She might catch on quicker than the little kittens did. Best of luck. :-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h
  • ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
    edited 27 June, 2010
    i don't either! haven't in all of my 12 years. I just swipe the floor outside the box a couple of times, and then hop out. when we lived with our Grammy, my brother Owen used to cover it for me. my younger brothers don't do that! :))
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