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Hey Felines! Ma and Pa recently got a new persian kitten and I\'m a little stressed, any ideas on how to introduce us in a proper way? my parents already tried putting her in a room alone and showing her to me for about 5 minutes everyday its not very effective I still hiss when shes comes next to me..I also want to say that she cant remember her name much, her names Spice, any tips to help her cope with her new name? Thanks! Winks, Blackie


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    A couple of hints for introducing new cats. Keep them separate at first. Start by taking something with the scent of the new cat on it into the established cats area, and visa versa. that gets them used to each others smell. then start with short periods of time where they can see each other (nice if they can't really touch each other, but can see each other. isn't always easy for people to do, so at least make sure they are closely supervised.) Hissing is normal, so expect that. It is also good on initial meetings is both cats get attention from you and associate the other cat's presence with good things (play or treats). Be patient, as it sometimes takes a long time for us to accept some new kittie in our territory. :)
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    thanks bella!
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    you can put both cats on a harness with leash and have them on opposite sides of the room. Either have a human to hold each one or put the leash around a sturdy table leg. Let them grumble and hiss all they want. Then go and love on your first cat first while the other watches. then go back to the new cat and love on that cat and let them smell you. That cat will probably take to it all quicker. then go back to your cat and let them smell you with the new cat smell. Another thing Ive done when we introduced Misty was wrapped misty in a towel or blanket for a while then took the towel and rubbed it on Annabelle (who was there first) and let her smell the smell. Did that back and forth for a little while. With the leash set up after the cats stop being completly puffy and fangs and nails out, start with a toy on a string and play with each one, then gradualy move towards being able to swing the toy between the cats so on one side the one cat plays then it swings back and the other cat plays. once they are both playing with the toy you know they have relaxed in the room together. You should then offer treats. You should repeat this process at least 3 times. Then you want to replace the cat that is less likely to go after the other one, maybe even letting them trail the leash. let them walk around and smell, but keep the other cat close to you. If that meeting goes well with no snarls it should be ok to let them both go without leashes. but watch them both. any signs of trouble separate them into other rooms (no love' ins either), and start from the top. Also, trim thier nails and/or put soft claws on for a safer interaction for all involved. I have done exactly this with several cat introductions over the years and it has worked for me every time without fail. ~Annabelle's Meowmie
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