Affectionate, yet aggressive?

Stephanie KlempnerStephanie Klempner BloomingburgMember Posts: 24
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Actually, I really don\'t think this is aggression at all, but I\'ll let you decide. I recently adopted a beautiful, black, two-year old cat through Petsmart. He seemed so lonely there, and since I have a soft spot for black cats, my heart went out to him. When I got to pet him, he was very \"lovey\". He would roll over on his belly just like my Mew Mew does. But just when I went to pet his belly, he bit me. Okay, I understood this. Normally cats don\'t like their bellies rubbed, so I backed off. He came home with worms, so we were told by the vet to keep him seperated from our other cat until all of the meds were administered. He\'s in my room, and I give him as much attention as I can while I\'m in there, but I have no TV in there, and the internet doesn\'t work in that room, so I only stay in there for long periods while I\'m sleeping. He purrs as soon as I come into the room and loves to use his front paws to touch my face and chest. He\'s a very loving cat, I\'m telling you. He head-butts and licks my face. The only problem is, as soon as I start to walk, he\'ll bite my feet. He\'ll bite my arms - he\'s even bitten my shoulder and forehead, all while purring, and then continue to roll around and look cute. I like to think I know enough about cats, but this truly stumps me. Is it because I don\'t give him the attention he\'s craving? When he\'s out and about in the house with plenty of room to roam around, will he break this habit? Or is it something else I don\'t know?


  • Sophie VeilleuxSophie Veilleux Member Posts: 182
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    This sounds a lot like one of my boyfriend's cats. He loves to be pet and purrs away and flips over on his back, but then will start trying to bite. It's like it's too much for him, even tho he loves it, he doesn't know how to handle it. Anyways, I would suggest that when he starts to bite at you say "no" loudly, stop petting and walk away. If he is still young, he should get the point that he won't get pet much if he's gonna be biting you. Best of luck!
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    If he is not biting hard, maybe it is kind of like "love bites" that he is so excited to see you. Not that you should let him keep biting, but just my 2 cents of what it could be
  • Stephanie KlempnerStephanie Klempner BloomingburgMember Posts: 24
    edited 28 June, 2010
    Thanks for the replies. I've actually started hissing at him, and it seem to work great. Maybe they are love bites, but he does seem to bite a bit hard... even gets his back paws into it. :?
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 28 June, 2010
    If he bites while pawing, it sounds like play aggression to me. Hissing is great for that, but more than that, I'd try getting a feather wand so you can (a) play with him while you're visiting and (b) wear him out so that he's somewhat sleepy when you leave the room, and hence too content to nip. Just my 2 c.
  • Stephanie KlempnerStephanie Klempner BloomingburgMember Posts: 24
    edited 29 June, 2010
    Sounds good. Thanks!
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