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I'm thinking about getting a small dog but have concerns about how Isabelle would handle it. :-/ She is an only cat now, and is very territorial. We tried twice to have another cat (once a kitten and once an adult) and both attempts failed miserably. She also HATES the neighborhood cats. :( She has never met a dog face-to-face before, but watches them out the front window often. She is interested in them (watches as they walk by), but never shows agression or anxiety like she does towards cats. How do you know if she will accept a dog?? :?


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    Well first off you should find a friend or family member with a cat friendly dog. Bring the dog in and see how she reacts? Aggressive? Scared? I just did the oppisite with my Emma with my dogs, but should work the same way with you. I got my Emma from a rescue where she was seized from a cat breeder that had over 40 cats in her home. So Emma was born in that invironment and had never been around dogs. But my dogs are very cat social. I kept Emma confined to my master bedroom with access to our bathroom with all her aminites. I brought her out in our living room (our most active room) every day 3 times a day for about a half hour at a time in the saftey of her crate. So the dogs could smell her and her them while everyone was safe. Three days later she wanted OUT even with the dogs swarming her crate. So the next day. I put the dogs in our spare bedroom and let one out at a time to meet her and as soon as they were calm and not so intense about meeting her, and I could tell she was comfortable I let the next dog out and repeated it. Within an hour I had all 6 dogs out and she had NO issues! NONE! Now she can free roam my house only 4 days after we got her with NO problems. Try the same. Make SURE you get a cat friendly dog. Look into rescues that do fostering. Than try fostering a cat social dog that way if it doesnt work out. You know you can take the dog back. Put the dog in a crate in tha main living room and let her sniff etc. Until both are showing NO fear or aggression. Good Luck!!
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