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Need a new water bowl...

Sarah ClarkSarah Clark Ruston, AustinMember Posts: 689
edited 1 July, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
We currently have a Le Bistro Waterer, however I keep knocking over the bottle and spilling it everywhere. I sit on the top of it or I bite the bottom and pick the whole thing (even completly full) up to knock it over. It is driving my furless people batty. They want to keep lots of fresh water for AnnaBelle and I but its hard when we now have to use two small bowls that I still knock over. They want something like the Le Bistro Waterer but heavier and that I cant knock over. If any furr has a suggestion that I can pass along to the furless that would make my life, and theirs, alot better. We cannot have a drink-well because there is not a place for us to plug it in where the bowls sit. The furless ones have thought about getting the big doggy sized Le Bistro Waterers but that would be A LOT of water to clean up if I knocked it over. I am sure that I would knock it over. Please help with any suggestions you can give us. ~Misty


  • Aaron LeeAaron Lee SeattleMember Posts: 251
    edited 1 July, 2010
    Is there any way you could get some sort of adhesive tape or glue and secure the base to a thick placemat made of rubber or plastic for stability? Usually the weight of the water in tank-bowls like that is enough to keep it in place, but your cat is likely strong and active...hmmm. We'll get back to you, the flow fountains are great, but they get slimy real quick and the filters get extra nasty (the plug in thing is obviously your more pressing problem too). We're putting our thinking caps of luck and we'll get back to you. :)
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 1 July, 2010
    What about a ceramic bowl? I have a kitty who bobs (she has Cerebral Hypoplasia)so she was constantly dumping water over until I put out a ceramic dog/cat food bowl for her, it's too heavy for her to knock over. I have a fountain for my other cats, but it scares Mini Dee too much.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 1 July, 2010
    Misty girl, you have come to the right place! I was so awful with my water dish that mommy had to put it in the bathtub so I wouldn't soak the floor! I can't help it if I like to play with stuff! :? Anyways, this is what she bought and try as I might, I cannot spill it! It bugs me too, I keep trying. But mommy loves it! She says it's well worth the money!
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 1 July, 2010
    I have a larger ceramic bowl, and then place a smaller one inside of it & fill that one with water. Tigger cannot knock it over (AHA gotcha Tigger boy!), and the spills go into the outer bowl for easy cleanup.
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
    edited 1 July, 2010
    We also have a large ceramic water bowl.Since we have 3 slobbery dogs in the house. Meowma and Dad, just pick it up every day and wash it out. Then they put fresh water in it for all of us. Though if those dogs slurp up all the water, we do use the big white porcelain bowl the lab uses, in the bathroom...:r
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 1 July, 2010
    They make Neater Feeders for dogs too. It really works, you'll see!
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