Moved and no longer able to see my cat :(

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This seemed like the only sub forum that relates to my topic, so here goes. Basically my mom remarried, so i'm in NJ and my cat is in philidelphia living with my grandmom. I originally lived with my grandmom so i got to pet my cat every day, now since my mom remarried im here in NJ and barely see my cat. its sad because i cant watch him grow up now. and since hes getting to be a bit old, i wanna spend his midlife with him really bad. I could drive over there to visit him, but the problem is there's nothing to do in my old neighborhood so i'm extremely bored over there, and it's a 45 minute drive. Now I know you might be thinking that the fact im not willing to endure the boredness and drive means I don't like my cat enough, when the truth is I love my cat. he was my first best friend. i don't know what to do, i havent seen my cat in months and since he lives with my grandmom who hardly plays with him i'm guessing he's used to sleeping out the boredom by now(I moved here to NJ from Philly 3 years ago) and no, i am not able to take him in here for a few reasons: 1: We got dogs here 2: I don't trust my step brothers with responsbility of my cat. I always have a fear they might kill him, abuse him, or let him run outside(either through carelessness or on purpose) even though they really havent showed signs of being animal abuses. i still dont trust anyone 3: getting my cat used to a new neighborhood and house is going to be a bit difficult


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    Hi--I think you should talk to your Mom about this and maybe your stepdad too. After you see their reaction, then maybe you can discuss your worry that your stepbrothers may not know how to treat the cat respectfully. Be positive--you don't have to say you don't "trust" them--just that you are not sure how they will react to the cat. I am guessing your Mom and stepdad know this transition is tough and they would like to do something to help. If having your cat with you would help, then you should let them know. You are right that transitioning your cat to another new home would take a lot of patience, so you should not do it unless you are prepared to really help your your cat with the transition--especially given all the new people, dogs etc. If you won't have the time and patience for this, it might be better for your cat to stay with your grandmother. In that case, maybe you could take a friend with you when you go to visit your cat--then perhaps visiting the old neighborhood won't be so boring.
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    I know what you mean, Tiger. My 12 year old cat is currently 3,000 miles away from her. I miss her SO, SO much. I'm thinking about flying her to California when I go home for a visit back to Maine in August. I actually came on to this forum to see if I could find answers as to whether it's a good idea to move her or not. She is an indoor\outdoor cat with a lot of land to run around now. If I move her she would have to be an indoor cat that can only go out on a long leash. It's a dilemma. Do I move the cat I love and miss dearly and take the chance of her not being happy out here or do I keep her where she is and have us miss each other? For your situation, I would say see if it's healthy to move your kitty or not and if it is, go for it. I'm sure your cat misses you just as much as you miss him.
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