Not sure what to do with my kitten...

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I am a college student, and I visit my parents about once a month. It is a 4 hour drive, and my parents are divorced, so I stay at a different house each night that I am gone. Maddox is about 10-12 weeks old, and I have had him for about 4 weeks now. I am going home for the first time this weekend and I am not sure what I should do with him. Option 1 is to take him with me, but I feel like that will stress him out way too much. If I took him, he would stay at my moms house (dad is allergic) and she has 2 young kids and a dog that live there too. Option 2 is to board him, which I also think would stress him out way too much. Also, since he is so young, he is not fully vaccinated yet. Option 3 is to leave him at my apartment. My roommate will be home this weekend, but I hate to ask her to take care of him. She will, though, if I want to. This seems like the ideal situation right now, but the problem is that starting next month, I will not have the option to leave him with her because she is moving out, so at that point he will either have to go with me or have to be boarded. What do you guys think I should do? Leave him and let him get a little older before I try to take him? Or go ahead and take him with me to start getting him used to it?


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    For this time I say ask your room mate to take care of Maddox, since it will be only for this one time. And I would advise NOT to take him with you, the stress of the ride, and being in a strange house with small children, etc. would be alot for him to deal with since he is so young. Before you go off again, look around for reputable pet sitters, call your vet and ask for references. Also click on the "Local" tab at the top of the page to see listings in your area. The majority of cats are always more comfortable in their own homes with familiar smells, toys, etc. Your kitten is precious, know why you picked him out. Keep us posted.
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    Thank you! I had pretty much decided on asking the roomie to keep him, and I mentioned it to her and she said she didn't mind a bit so that is the plan for now. About picking him out, he wasn't the kitten I went to look at, but I saw him and fell in love! Couldn't resist bringing him home! He is such a love and fits into my life perfectly. There is just this small issue of the once monthly visits across state that I have to figure out a way to deal with.
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    I'd seriously consider investing in a good pet sitter, if I were you. We've had 2 so far (we moved halfway across the country, so we had to find a new one), and the cats love them. Boris especially looks forward to being visited by a sitter, it's an opportunity to get an extra person to fuss over him. :)) We found both through: Pet Sitters International Just put in your zip code, and go from there. Most pet sitters are not cheap, but what they are is reliable and pet friendly (Mike, our current petsitter, is bonded and insured).
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    Excellent advice from Boris. The most important thing is that the person is bonded and insured, since they will be coming into your home, and caring for your furry children.
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    Yep, I had the girl next door to come in twice a day. It helps with the twice a day. Since your roommate is always there, your cat will feel more comfortable with her. I did board my kittens since they get into more trouble than a grown cat. It wasn't for more than a week-end. Kittens love electric wires, strings, etc.. Check over your place before you go to check it for any dangers. Give your roommate your vet's phone number and your cell number for emergency.. Leave your numbers and write any advice down. Have a good time in your travels....
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    Dunno BUT... My Mommy took me on a 4 hr trip to Grammie's farm when I was 10 plus week ol' and I am OK wit it. How she makey me less stressful is by using my ol' litter wit som of me pee still in it so I can hav. my own smell in a brand new place. She also eased my comfort by havin my sis stay wit me all z time wit her checking in on me (play, feed & comfort me) very very often too. Meow hav. no travel issues wit my Mommy because I got used to travelin and Mommy sayz I'mma great little traveler.
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