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Found something scary in Innova EVO cat food...

Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
edited 27 July, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
We had a couple of cats boarding with us this weekend, who were eating Innova EVO cat food, after they left I was cleaning out their townhouse and noticed something shiny in their food bowl, so I picked through it and found one of their kibbles had a piece of metal (confirmed on a microscope) embedded in it! I couldn't get a super good picture of it but you can see it's about the size of a pen tip, and you can see the whole in the kernel of food where it came out! EEK! Piece of Metal Found in Innova Cat Food


  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 12 July, 2010
    Here is a slightly better picture, you can see the 'hole' where the metal piece was: Slightly Better Picture of the Metal Piece
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 13 July, 2010
    Hi Munch, I hope you didn't throw it out because this is where you need to go to file a complaint. This is the FDA website and link on how to file a complaint about pet food:
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 13 July, 2010
    Geez, mol, for once, Munchie is not involved. =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D> Here is the site for Innova Eva, on the bottom, is the Cust Serv #, since that is all they gave you, you have to start there. Write down who you talked to and what they said, be prepared for them to blow you off. Altho there is a email address, don't even bother, you need to talk to live people. :D DO NOT let Cust Serv or anybody, talk you into sending that crunchie with the metal in it, to them. Once its out of your hands, you are SOL, its their word against yours, We never got a chruncy with metal in it. Same reason the hotel manager yanked that chore boy out of my hand and I grabbed it back, they knew it was evidence, and hoping I was stupid. Your going to have to work your way up, so just be prepared and be patient, document who you talked to, their title, and what they said. Ask who owns Innova, get a phone # and address, ask if another Corp owns the co name they give you, once you have the main corp name, I can look it up in the corp book and I got a whole plethera of names and phone #'s. Start with the manager of the store where it was purchased, ask him/her, who their district manager is, get a name & phone #, then get his/her regional managers name and phone #, keep working your way up. And decide, ahead of time, what it is that you want, so you are prepared for the discussion/debate, and these people excel at it. All I wanted was Bump's vet bills paid, but I had the evidence, and I had leverage, based on what it was, so just had to keep going up and up, until I got to the right person. Also be prepared, you might be told, the kitties parents have to call, them being the owners and prob being the ones that bought the Innova and brought it to you to feed the kitties. Do what the prev poster told you to do, and, contact Innova, they need to know. Never heard one bad thing about Innova, and have a friend who has a championship Persian, who feeds Innova, and is prob about as bad as me, mol. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Aaron LeeAaron Lee SeattleMember Posts: 251
    edited 14 July, 2010
    That's too bad, they have a good reputation. Good luck with getting results, be persistent, companies absolutely have to take things like this seriously, especially in our instant-info sharing world. You could do some real damage if they don't investigate or take you seriously. So glad no-kitty was hurt, and please keep us informed!
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 14 July, 2010
    We would like to know what Evo says - since that's what I eat. And it's expensive!
  • Nuk AnukNuk Anuk Member Posts: 846
    edited 14 July, 2010
    Depending of the date the food was manufactured, this is Proctor & Gamble's problem. May 5, 2010 Proctor &Gamble Acquires Natura Pet Products
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 July, 2010
    That only says they signed the agreement to purchase them - it can takes months for an acquisition to go through.
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 July, 2010
    That only says they signed the agreement to purchase them - it can takes months for an acquisition to go through.
  • Nuk AnukNuk Anuk Member Posts: 846
    edited 16 July, 2010
    Lakoda it also said... "P&G is targeting to close this deal in about a month, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory clearances." That was early May.... Natura's own letter "Dear Natura Consumer, I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Natura Pet Products by Procter & Gamble was finalized on June 1st...."
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 17 July, 2010
    Sadly this can happen in any type of food - when my kids were small, we found a PACKING STAPLE baked right into a piece of wheat bread. Luckily we saw it before my son ate the toast but..I shudder still. Oh and I got coupons for free bread wowwie. a couple months ago I had purchased a can of Blue Buffalo and found a small piece of blue plastic in it. I left them countless messages & emails, and by the time someone got back to me, The Dad inadvertantly threw the can out....but all they said was they would send me free coupons, which they never did. Hm I shoulda talked to Bumpurr on this one! YOu find stuff in people food too, so vigilance is key, but I think these companies need to respond better when there is an issue, not just send coupons for more of the free stuff that had an problem. At least make you feel like they care about the product and the consumer. ok done with my rant.:-#
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 27 July, 2010
    Good luck with that. i got a huge bag of evo that was spoiled. my cats vommited it, so i gave it away to my moms cats thinking they would be able to eat it, and they all puked. i sent a sample to evo and they claim nothing was wrong. i dont use them anymore
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