My cat throws up her food...

Audrey LeeAudrey Lee Member Posts: 4
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OK, so even though I buy my cat sensitive systems cat food, she sill sometimes throws it back up a few minutes after she eats it. I'm not nervous about her not getting fed, because she still eats with no problems most of the time, but she does throw up her food if she eats too much too fast. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 30 July, 2010
    If you think it's just because she's eating too fast, you can try to give smaller portions more frequently. I've also seen posts about putting things into their dish (like golf balls, I think?) to force them to eat around them and slow down. I throw up a meal once every week or so and mommy has to feed me again but she only gives me a little at a time until she's sure I'm keeping it down.
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
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    I have seen the dishes that slow eating....Has she always done this? She seems to be a mature cat so I would have a vet check her out for any other problems that may be discovered. You give her hairball treatment every so often?....Alex gobbles his food but it doesn't bother him. He is the same age but no sensitive stomach as Samantha has. Give her small amounts at a time...I have cat feeder that open at cetain times. You can divide her meals into three instead of two. The timer will allow it. My feeder has two dividers that will open but I own about five of them. I can set any time between one hour and thirty-six. Just an idea....
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 30 July, 2010
    What kind of sensitive systems food are you feeding? Is it prescription diets or does it contain grains? those diets are horrible. I'd really suggest you slowly switch her to a grain free diet with a better quality protein source in it. Also, you should consider feeding smaller more frequent meals if you can. If she continues to vomit too much, she'll develop scar tissue on her esophigus and will get to the point where food isn't appealing anymore and she may stop eating. Cats should never throw up more than 1-2 times per week tops!
  • Kat WhickerKat Whicker ToledoMember Posts: 1,695
    edited 3 August, 2010
    be carefull with senstive system diets. they sometimes contain alot of fiber and can clogg up a cat
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