anyone else still like to suckle??

ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
edited 6 August, 2010 in Behavior & Training
hi everyone! I am just over a year, and I really like burying my face in mommy's armpit to suckle and nuzzle. MOL. mommy thinks it's a weird spot, but hoomans are silly anyway! when i first came to live here, i was 7 weeks old, and would meow all the time when sitting with mommy, looking for a good place to suckle. poor mommy was very distraught, because i wouldn't calm down. i tried many places, like her nose and chin. but then i found her armpit, and settled right in and suckled myself to sleep. :c9 i don't do it all the time, maybe once a day. my big brofur Kizmet suckles mommy's ears, too! anyone else have a favorite place on their mommy or daddy?


  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 1 July, 2010
    I do that on Mom's purple robe so bad that I leave it all soggy. BUt she still thinks I am cute!
  • Jennifer NovakJennifer Novak DC (But my heart is still in BMember Posts: 595
    edited 1 July, 2010
    Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me! =; I'll be two in October. And I still suck my thumb every night -- either next to meowm when she's on the couch, or on top of her when she's lying in bed. Purrs, Coop PS See my forum tag under my pic. MOL:))
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 1 July, 2010
    I still lick the blanky and sometimes momma's clothes, when she's still in them! She hates that, she says I'm slobbering on her. :))
  • Lacey KingstonLacey Kingston WilmingtonMember Posts: 7,527
    edited 8 July, 2010
    Guilty! :-$ I still suckle, but not quite as much as when I was younger. My parents made me my own blankie to suckle so I wouldn't get theirs all wet!
  • Rebecca NowakRebecca Nowak Orange County, NYMember Posts: 1,397
    edited 9 July, 2010
    I just turned 2, and I\'m definately a manly cat, but I still love to suckle on my no-fur sister\'s pink blanket on her bed. The best time is right when she goes to bed so that I can keep her from falling asleep; I like her to pat me while I suckle. My brother Chaucer, who just turned 1, has to knead on Mommy every night, sometimes just when she goes to bed and sometimes he likes to wake her up at 3:00 a.m. so he can do it. He loves most to bury his nose in her armpit, but he doesn\'t actually suckle. Purrs, Smudge
  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 11 July, 2010
    I have stopped suckling, kneading, scratching the floor, and humping everything, as well as peeing, since I got on Prozac. I'm a cool kitty again. I had a lot of changes in my first 6 months of life, so evidently I was showing that I was anxious. I still occasionally hump Kali when she's under the blankets. She makes such interesting noises, i just can't help it! :n:
  • Kylie DennisKylie Dennis TooeleMember Posts: 1,805
    edited 23 July, 2010
    OMC! My mom had a cat back in the day, that used to do that. His name was sam and she called him Sam Sucks. He liked to suck on my mom\'s robe. I think it\'s because they like the feeling or the texture. But She and my dad always thought it was adorable! :)
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
    edited 25 July, 2010
    I had a cat who was 10 years old and until the day he died, he suckled. Never grew out of it. He used to leave wet spots on blankets. Hunter doesn't suckle, just kneads on my bathrobe every once in a while.
  • Sarah ScottSarah Scott Member Posts: 2
    edited 28 July, 2010
    when i first came into my house the very first night, i was so happy to have a comfortable place to sleep and a good bath to get the tar out of my fur that i couldn't help but suck on my new owners arms and legs and faces and anything i could possibly find. they had to wear long sleeves around me in the middle of summer because i was so bent on suckling. after a few weeks i found a blanket that i suck on up to 4 times a day, sometimes more if i'm nervous or happy. usually when my owners get home from work or school. i'm almost a year and a half now, and i have no signs of stopping, but i sure dont mind!:^:
  • Ashley StokesbaryAshley Stokesbary Ames, IAMember Posts: 12
    edited 5 August, 2010
    I nuzzle my my mom's shirt near her chest and tend to get it all drooly/snotty, but she just keeps petting me. I'm 6.5 years old, so you're never too old to love on your mama!
  • Arlye DruryArlye Drury DartmouthMember Posts: 826
    edited 5 August, 2010
    My name is Purrcy and I am a \"suckerholic\" I started sucking on mumma\'s earlobe as soon as I came here to live at 10 weeks old...and I have never stopped!:)):r I am 13 years old :r
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