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Breeny pehanichBreeny pehanich Member Posts: 16
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okay, here is the story...stray male, been living on my front porch for 2 years now...very loving, I love him....can't bring him in, I already have too many inside, plus he "has the life"...I take excellent care of him, he gets fed twice a day, alwas has water, and shelter...he always has some sort of bed I make for him, a little tent, lol, and even a little shelter we made him for the cold....his typical day is always, sleep, um sleep, eat, poop, sleep, sleep, and slep, lol...he has always LOOKED healthy except for his skin...its terrible, and I assume its fleas etc....always smeeled bad, and looks kinda maingy (sp)....but otherwise, for an outside stray, he seemed healthy. I noticed in the last month he has got very skinny, his sides are sunken in....BUT he still eats like a pig, probably more now, he is always begging for more food. In the last week, he has been having diarhea....I wrestle with what to do...I'm scared if I take him into the vet, he will want to put him down just because of the way he looks, even though he acts and eats healthy, and I'd fall apart if I did that to him right now. Anyways, I've had people tell me he might have tapeworm, but I see no signs of rice looking things in his poop or around his butt. So now I'm scared he might have some disease like cancer....I guess what I'm asking is, if anybody can give me someadvice as to what he may have or what I should do....I'm scared for him, and I'm scared if he is put down I will feel extremely sad......ahhhhhhh! help, anybody? ty


  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    If he has never been wormed, its possible he has worms, could be other worms, not neccisarly tape worms. But this should be done with Drontil, you get it from the vet, never never use an over the counter wormer, and especially, never Hartz. It could also be his teeth. If he has an infected tooth, or bad teeth, he is not chewing properly, and there for not getting the proper nutrition. Is he neutered? If he is whole, a male cat can wander up to 9 miles in one day, and breeding, would also take alot out of him, and make him look raggity. It could also be the food you are feeding him, if its from the grocery store, and full of grains and by products, that could cause diarea. It could also be something else entirely. Being that he is an outside cat, he could have gotten into anything that would make him sick, so much outside, is toxic to cats. Or it could be a mean neighbor who poisened him. The only way to tell, is to take him to the vet. The vet is the one, that can properly diagnose what is wrong with him. All it will cost you initaly, is an office visit. The vet will most likely want to do an x-ray, to see if his intestines are inflammed, or he may have injested a foren object, or there might be something else going on inside. He will also want to do a CBC and Wellness blood panel, to see if any values are not normal. The x-ray and blood panel, is a place to start, for the vet, and it gives him/her a direction to go in. And he/she will also check his teeth. There are like a zillion causes of diarea, only the vet can determine, what it is. Best of luck, whatever you decide on. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    He could also have pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is notorious for malabsorption syndrome where they'll be excessively hungry and none of the nutrients are getting absorbed at all so they keep losing weight and are basically starving, even though they eat like hogs. This is a painful condition and one way to tell is if you try and pick him up or feel his abdomen and he flinches or yells out in pain. Either way, he needs to go to the vet immediately. I know you're nervous about what they say but times have changed and most vets don't just put kitties down because they're sick anymore. There's a lot more options out there now it just depends on what's wrong, how serious it is and what the prognosis is. Even then, a vet will most likely try and make him as comfortable as possible because he may have quite a bit of time left. But instead of putting it off and driving yourself crazy, you need to find out before he gets liver damage as well. Please keep us posted!
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    thank you all for your advice...unfortunately, Richard died yesterday....he was weak, and I knew he had got worse, he just wasn't himself....he went to the vet, and tested positive for feline leukemia/aids ;( I'm gonna miss him so much, I tried to give him the best life I could.... I really think he was a previous house cat and maybe his owner found out he was sick and dropped him off! anyways, this disease has been a nitemare in this neighborhood, to trap test and treat all these stray cats would be impossible for me to do......its very sad! I will never understand, for the life of me, how people get kittens, and when they grow up and are adults and not the cute little fuzzy playthings anymore, throw them outside, or drop them off ;( so many innocent babies getting infected or dying on roads because of stupid people ;( sorry, I'm pretty upset today...anyways, thanx all, this place is a godsend
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    Awww I'm so sorry that he died. You did the best thing for him, you loved him, and thats all that matters. |:||/a/||:||/a/|
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    Oh I can't understand treatment like that either and it's very upsetting. I'm so sorry he passed away, his poor little body just couldn't handle whatever happened. it could have also been the stress of what they did to him. You tried, you really did. Kudos to you for having enough love in your heart to care about him. |:|
  • Linda AbramsLinda Abrams Joanna, SC 29351Member Posts: 555 ✭✭
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    Richard was blessed to have found you. You fed him and gave him shelter to the best you were able. Know always that he will bless you for all your kindness.|:||:|
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    We are so very sorry to hear this. But you must remember that you gave him a great life & showed him love. He would have prob passed much sooner without the food you gave him. As you said yourself, there are so many out there that have no one. As sad as it is, he is in a better place, and took your love with him on his journey. It breaks my heart too when I see ferals around here - I wish I could do more. But you made all the difference in this kitties life, and you should be proud of that. sending purrs & hugs |:|
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