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Royal Canin

Amanda LockabyAmanda Lockaby Gainesville, GAMember Posts: 156
edited 30 December, 2006 in Food & Nutrition
Just wondering if any other kitties here have tried or are currently eating Royal Canin. Mommy\'s mommy started feeding it to 2 of my nephews (Lexy and Rambo) and their coats are so shiny and sleek, they have lots of energy and they are maintaining a healthy weight. It is a little on the pricier side but the ingredients seem to be improving their overall appearance and health. Just curious to know if anyone else has tried it...Mom bought 3 of the 12oz bags at Petsmart on sale for $1.99 to see if I would like it.


  • Tracy HowellTracy Howell ScottsdaleMember Posts: 529
    edited 27 December, 2006
    Man, mom would love to be able to feed me this all the time. I am a skinny guy, but the Royal Canin Maine Coon mix fattened me up for a bit. She liked me as a big boy.
  • Christy MChristy M Member Posts: 329
    edited 27 December, 2006
    My brother and I currently eat it. It's a decent food and we enjoy it (and we usually don't like the foods that are better for us!) We seem to have more energy on it. We were eating Science Diet adult before that.
  • Jana PhillipsJana Phillips RaleighMember Posts: 846
    edited 28 December, 2006
    Royal Canin is a great food! When I was found under a shed and very underweight, the Royal Canin Babycat got me all fattened up :) The only food that was tiny enough for my teeth at that age
  • Lyn MatesLyn Mates Member Posts: 170
    edited 28 December, 2006
    We like Royal Canin too. We eat a senior indoor formula. My coat has become much nicer and my sis it even losing some weight finally! (All the fancy diet foods did nothing for her. Some seem to have made her gain weight.) Sometimes the cheaper stuff is all you can afford. Things happen. But Mom tries to keep us on the better foods because her theory is, better to pay a little more now than to have to deal with massive vet bills later from poor nutrition.
  • Nicole MartinNicole Martin CranfordMember Posts: 185
    edited 29 December, 2006
    Royal Canin is a great food, especially for picky eaters. I used to eat it but I started to gain too much weight. Not really because of the food but Grandma likes to refill my bowl too often, hehe.
  • Christy MChristy M Member Posts: 329
    edited 29 December, 2006
    Angel, we have that problem with our Grandma too! It drives Mom nuts...Mom tells her that when we develop diabetes, Grandma's footing the bill!
  • Sharon MosesonSharon Moseson Westchester CountyMember Posts: 5
    edited 29 December, 2006
    Bandit has a number of medical problems, including being recently diagnosed with gallstones.... one as big as his PAW ( well it seemed that way on the x-ray....) Anyway - he is almost 17 and the vet is afraid he would not survive anesthesia, so surgery is out and he has been taking Actigall compounded for kitties. Humans take this who cannot have gallbladder surgery. His appetite had been very bad and he was throwing up a lot. At the vet one day, they offered him some Royal Canin \"Control\" formula dry food. He was never a big dry food fan and had not eaten any at all in a long time....I had finally stopped even putting it down for him..... well... he ate it, so they sent some home with him. He LOVES it! I bought some and we are just about to start our second bag. I free feed it along with giving him wet food several times a day. His coat, which had been dull and easily matted, has improved dramatically. We LOVE our vet and her staff and they love Bandit. It makes such a big difference to have a great doc! So - Bandit gives Royal Canin a BIG \"paws up\" vote! P.S. He also gets a daily dose of PEPCID which seems to help his tummy a lot.
  • Angela ClarkAngela Clark Fort SmithMember Posts: 15,094
    edited 29 December, 2006
    I've always had a healthy beautiful coat, but royal Canin made it even better. I liked it pretty well. I wouldn't say I loved it but I gained a pound over the course of a year while eating it. I had to switch to something else when I was diagnosed with CRF but I'd go back if I could. It is really good stuff.
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
    edited 30 December, 2006
    I eat Royal Canin Diet. I eat their Control formula for my Interstitial Cystitis. My sisters eat a combo of their Neutered Young Adult and Dental Formulas. We've only been on it for about a month, and so far we are liking the results!
  • LaVon FabianLaVon Fabian Member Posts: 135
    edited 30 December, 2006
    We like the Royal Canin Siamese 38 formula (the Bengals in the house) Our meowmy gives us a variedy, because we are a varied family. Our buddy Casper likes the Royal Canin Oral Sensitive - because he has bad teeth, and since he has HCM, he can't be put to sleep to have them cleaned. Some family members also like Mazuri and Innova EVO foods, too... But we all have pretty coats, and are at healthy weights (because we like to run and jump and play) Our favorite is the Royal Canin foods, though... and some of us have been eating it, since we started on BABY CAT when we were babies.
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