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Awhile back I noticed that my cat Pepper had the tiniest of bare spots on her leg. It was so tiny, like a tweezer had plucked a little bit of fur, it didn't look like she could have pulled it out. I figured I'd watch it and see if it got better, or worse. For quite a while it never changed. Then all of a sudden she started licking away at it and licked off a big patch of fur. So I of course called the vet and got her in a few days later. He diagnosed it as an allergy and gave her a shot. Been thinking about it for the past few days and it's bothering me a little. I don't remember how long ago I first noticed the spot, but I don't believe anything has changed with their food or litter or anything. If it was a bite, wouldn't she have had a reaction and messed with it sooner? I don't know if there's something I should do, or just wait and see. Vet mentioned she might need more shots in the future. Not sure I like that idea. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?


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    Welcome Pepper! The shot was probably a steroid, right? That's what a lot of vets give. It's very hard to diagnose an allergy so I'm surprised your vet said it that quickly. Did he look for fleas or mites or do a skin scraping? You have to eliminate all other possibilities first. And here's the thing about allergies - often cats aren't allergic to NEW things in the house, they *become* allergic to things they're exposed to. So you may not have changed anything, but that doesn't mean it's not an allergy. If this is something that doesn't pass quickly or comes back after the shot you may want to look for a dermatologist. And if you have any questions or need any advice at all, please feel free to p-mail me. I've got 2 allergy kitties, each with different allergens and symptoms so I might be able to suggest something. Good luck!
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    Hi Pepper, BK is right, other things need to be ruled out first. How is your relationship with you vet? If the spot doesn't clear up or gets worse, I would definitely seek a second opinion from a different vet. Make sure to request a ringworm culture, too, to rule ringworm out. Keep us updated- if it is allergies, it can be a long road but manageable. I think it sounds more like a possible case of ringworm; make sure they do a ringworm culture and not just look at it under a blacklight as ringworm doesn't always glow.
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    So far, my fur is growing back in, and I am not bothering that area, so meowmy is hopeful that it was just a one-time thing. She sure is watching me like a hawk these days. Probably was a steroid shot.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
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    Hi Pepper, just in case your momma would like to do some investigating I have two things for her to read. One is an article I wrote on my website about OCD & Allergies in cats: and the other is one that BK's mom wrote on my site also: Maybe there will be something in one of these articles that can help you. I hope so!=;
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