My Kitty Needs Help :(

Arek KorneckiArek Kornecki Member Posts: 2
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I'm new here and looking for anything that may help. My mom found this cat about 6 years ago and it lived in our shed for a bit, then eventually warmed up and started coming in. She's become a very adorable kitty and actually had some kittens of her own for us. Unfortunately one ran away last year and we don't know what happened. :( But now the mother has become ill and we are very confused. She started losing weight about three weeks ago. She was healthily plump, but became quite skinny, and obviously much too quickly. It first turned out that she had crystals in her urinary tract, but things didn't get better... She didn't really want to eat and didn't seem to drink enough water. So the second time in, they then said it was probably her kidneys, so they treated her for that. She looked a bit better and finally ate a few times, but the next day she wasn't looking too good and my mom brought her back in. My mom said that Kera had been meowing a few times likes she was in pain, so that's the reason she brought her in again. She was also pretty dehydrated so she went on an IV drop for a while. They gave her some heavy drugs to apparently relieve the pain, which I'm not thrilled about. She was sedated and "out of it" so to say for many hours. They've ran some blood tests, checked her urine, and did an x-ray today. The x-ray apparently only showed that she was kind of gassy and bloated. I thought it may be some kind of urinary tract infection, or the kidneys, but I don't know anymore. She apparently looked decent at times but then seemed to be in pain at others, especially in the night, my mother says. She was given Noroclav at first for the crystals, but my mom became hesitant of it when she saw her meowing in what seemed to be pain. Anyone know how long before Noroclav should take effect and help? Maybe she didn't have enough time? This all happened within the span of 4 days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope our kitty gets better.


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    Can you get her to eat anything at all? She needs to be eating something or it can affect her liver. Try getting some babyfood, but make sure it doesn't have onion in it, so get like the beef, chicken or turkey flavor. Also make sure she is peeing, because if she isn't you have to get her to the vet to make sure she isn't blocked. I am not sure what to tell you of what could be wrong, but there are many here that have tons of experience with cat health. I hope she feels better soon!
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    Macy's right, the liver can easily be damaged when they aren't eating. The baby food is a good idea and make sure no garlic in it either. I would honestly seek a second opinion from another vet if you can. It could be intestinal and not just the kidneys anymore. An ultrasound would show more if there was thickening of the intestines, pancreatitis, IBD, any of those things. Is there another vet you can go to? This one may not have much experience in those diseases. What have you been feeding her? Is it grain free foods, is it all dry? Please let us know what happens and I think that if you can find another vet or get your vet to do bloodwork and an ultrasound, that would show more because something is obviously going on that isn't immediately visible.
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    She has eaten here and there, but not very regularly in the past few days. She mostly ate dry foods, a small variety of them. She had a bit of wet food now and then but didn't like it sometimes. Even though she was sedated today, she tried to get up and walk around, although kinda stumbling around. She made it into the litter and did pee a bit. At the vets the day before she did eat as well, and did pee. I appreciate the quick responses and hope to have more info tomorrow. I will post any more info I get, thanks to anyone who can provide any advice.
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    Any updates? This sounds like the same thing happening to our brother right this second.
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