Lump on my head has got some buddies

Lauren PazzanLauren Pazzan BundabergMember Posts: 86
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About 4 years ago I first developed a lump on my head. It is hairless, hard and not connected to anything other than the skin. It\'s pinkish-white like the rest of my skin and forms a diamond-like shape. It is 6mm in length, 4mm in width and 3mm in height (raised from the skin) It doesn\'t hurt when mummy presses down on it, or squeezes it. There is no discharge. Mummy thought it was probably just a cyst, because she has 2 herself, and the one near her neck feels just like mine. Grandma assured her it harmless and because she used to work at the vets when she was younger it put my mummy\'s mind at ease. Well, the lump has not changed at all, but now I have 3 new small lumps that have come up. 2 are on my left ear, at most 3mm in length, 2mm in width and barely raised, and the other is where my left ear meets my head, 1.5mm in length, 1mm in width, and barely raised. They feel the same as the first lump, except these are much smaller in size. Again, no pain, no discharge. I\'m an orange cat so I seem to be prone to getting spots on my gums and nose, so mummy was wondering if this was another ginger cat trait. Mummy is currently doing it tough financially, but if I need to go to a vet and have these removed come hell or high water mummy will get me there. She was just wondering about the experiences of others, and what the general outlook on lumps is. Also I should add that I am a full-time inside kitty, but my brother, Monty, who does go outside was kind enough to bring home an bunch of fleas to share with Blossom and me from the neighbour\'s cat. Mummy has seen our dog develop a lump from where a tick once hitched a ride, so she thought this might even be an allergic reaction to when those icky fleas paid us a visit. We\'d just like to get some ideas :) Thanks for all insights and sorry for being so long-winded. I hardly ever get to meow |^|


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    I am on the overly pickey side, mol, and I feel, any lump, just like with people, should be checked out. All it will cost you initally, is the office visit. My horse vet used to always tell me, I would rather have you call, and I tell you its nothing, than to wait, and I have to tell you, gee, ya should have called sooner. :D I can tell you, if you ever see a lump on their chin, get them to the vet ASAP, in my case, and another show kitty's case, it didn't end well. :D Best of luck, whatever you decide to do. :D
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