Renal Failure or Addison\'s Disease?

Lindsay RoweLindsay Rowe ArcticMember Posts: 1,776
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Our brother Dusty(who does not have a Catster page)was just rushed to the kitty ER and is now spending the night. The vet did full bloodwork and started him on fluids. She says he probably has Renal Failure, but she has to do some other tests to be certain. If it's not that, she said there is a slim chance it could be Addison's Disease. Addison's is very rare, but we're not sure it is Renal Failure because everywhere we look it says frequent urination and drinking are main symptoms. Dusty was not exhibiting either of these things. Any Catster have information or experience with either of these illnessess? We don't know what to do. Is he nearing the Rainbow Bridge, or with a little medicine will he be alright? We are really confused. :-/


  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 25 August, 2010
    Hi there, we're so sorry for Dusty's failing health. If he does have renal failure, it just depends on how advanced it is. There are plenty of kitties here on Catster and some I know that aren't that were thought to be goners. But once they started getting fluids, a diet change and some medication, they are doing much better and are still happy and here with their parents. Don't give up yet, you have to wait to see how the tests turn out. Meanwhile, since he's at the vets, he'll be getting fluids with electrolytes and antibiotics in it to help him and he'll be all the better for it. I don't know anything about Addison's Disease but KD has a lot of different symptoms so it could still be that. Keep us posted okay and we'll be hoping for at least the easiest outcome to treat! |:|
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    edited 26 August, 2010
    Here is a thread in Olde Furts with info about chronic renal failure that may be of use to you. I don't know much about addisons disease except what I just googled but hopefully the CRF info will help you if your vet confirms that's what Dusty has.
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