Cat pooping outside of litter box

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It seems like its been one thing after another. The newest thing is that one of us (there's four of us that stay in the basement during the night) is pooping outside of the litter box in random places throughout the basement. Mommy is not sure what this means and has never had to deal with it. She found a pile of poo that looked to be old (at least a week or two) and then just found a pile that was left within the last day. Not sure what this means and doesnt know how to figure out which cat it is. Help!!


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    The easiest way to see which kitty it is, is to seperate them with a cat box, but I know, that is not always an option for some people. :D The most common reasons for not using the cat box: 1. a sick kitty, possibly an elderly kitty. When kitties are sick, they stop using the cat box, and an elderly kitty is like an elderly person, sometimes they forget, sometimes they just can't make it to the cat box. Do you have an elderly kitty, or senior kitty, senior kitties are usualy over 9 yrs old. Or is there one kitty that may not be feeling well? 2. The cat box is dirty, cats like a very clean box, it should be deep and well bedded, mine are bedded 6 inches, it should be picked every day, and I use baking soda, to help with the smell. 3. Different cat litter, some kitties are very pickey about their litter, mine hate the gravely kind, like the little stones, they will still use the cat box, but I can tell, especially with the kittens, the stones hurt their little feets, I use Cats Pride, the scoopable kind, and its the consistancy of fine sand. Have you changed litters? 4. Not being able to get to the cat box, some kitties will pick on or bully other kitties, and sometimes the kitty can't get to the cat box. Do you have a kitty that might pick on one or some of the others? 5. Cat boxes that are in a high traffic area, cats don't like alot of noise/commotion around the cat box, I know you said they are in the basement, are they possibly near the washer/dryer/furnace. The sudden loud noise scares the kitties and they think the cat box is the "monster". Are the cat boxes possibly near the washer/dryer/furnace, where if they come on suddenly, it could scare them. If everything has been the same, then I would tend to think, one of the cats is sick, or a senior cat, or is being picked on by another kitty. If you can, put them in seperate rooms for a few days, if everybody is using the cat box, they I tend to think, one kitty is being picked on by another kitty. Hope this helps and will give you a link to read, best of luck. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    I had this problem. My kitten stopped using the litter box because she was sick, and she associated the box with feeling gross and having diarrhea. She is starting to use it again now because she is on medication, but sometimes she still doesn\'t. Another thing you could try is getting multiple litter boxes, if the cat is being bullied, it is most likely because you are using one litter box for a few different cats. Get another one and see what happens!
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    Thanks for your info! Upon further inspection, we realized what looked like poo was actually hairballs. They looked much different than other hairballs we've seen which made us think it was poo. We have moved one of the litter boxes to a different location (seems to be a hit!!) because one kitty always runs out of them at lightening speeds. We aren't sure (Baron does this and he had a blockage before) if his brothers/sister are chasing him after he uses so we figured we try to move one! Thanks again for your input!
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