Can I leave my 5 month old kitten for two days?

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My kitten is five months old and has never been alone at night before. Both my boyfriend and I are going away for two days and we are leaving her for the first time :(. My friend will come and feed her and play with her, but will not stay the night. Is this okay? I am really worried that she will get stressed out or scared. She is also a rescue cat, so I\'m worried she\'ll get anxiety from being alone. Please help! Should I get someone to stay during the night as well? Is she too young to leave alone? Should I cancel the trip?!!


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    When I was an only cat, mom and dad took their first trip right around the time I turned 7 months old. Mom was gone for a week, and I won't say that I wasn't sad even though someone came to visit and play with me daily, but I survived it. My sisfur Gracie never developed bad separation anxiety, because though she misses daddy when mom and dad are gone (I'm a momma's boy, Gracie is definitely a daddy's girl), she always had me for company, even as a wee kitten. OTOH, I am extremely attached to mom, so I always do miss her and still do get a bit of separation anxiety even though I'm now a mature cat, but luckily we have this great cat sitter who knows and understands that I'm so closely bonded with mom and I do tend to get sad when she's gone: when he comes to visit during mom's holidays he does his best to cheer me up by focusing some TLC on me (brushing me, petting me, and giving me extra treats :D). That does help. Ask your friend to please not just limit herself to litter changes and putting out food, but also that she plays with kitty for a few minutes to a half hour if possible. It will also help if the friend comes to visit and play with her a few days before you leave, so that your little one gets used to this new person and doesn't hide when she comes visit. She might just get some separation anxiety, it's just not predictable and inevitable with some cats. But speaking from experience, even if she does develop some of that, she'll be okay once you've been back for a few days and she knows you're not going anywhere else for a while, so when you come home give her extra attention if she seems to need it. ;)
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