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Changing to wet food diet, few questions.

Jon MaysJon Mays Member Posts: 3
edited 30 September, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
Hey, new guy here! :) My wife and I have three cats, two female American Longhairs and a male American Shorthair (who is spoiled rotten I'd like to add). They have been getting a diet of Purina Catchow indoor formula in a free graze setup and a variety of Friskies soft in the afternoons, usually one can split between the three of them. I'm going to switch to an all soft food diet and would like some input. I've read up on and have been browsing the forums here as well. Is it considered ok to switch their soft food up. Say Wellness one day, Natural Balance the next, etc? Has anyone used Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul soft food? What are your thoughts on this brand? After doing some reading I came across this stuff and it seems pretty healthy for a decent price. I picked up a couple cans and my cats seem to absolutely love it! :D Lastly, a question about portions; The Chicken Soup can basically says each cat should have two cans a day but I can tell you they are not eating that. I've split two can's between the three of em morning and night last couple of days and there is usually a bit if untouched food on their plates. Should I be concerned that they aren't eating enough or is this ok? FYI; one female is 8lbs, the other 11lbs, and the spoiled boy is 15.5LBS(!!!!). Thanks for any input!


  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
    edited 30 September, 2010
    Hi :-h Hunter has never tried Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul. I'm sure its a great food, but I try to stick with high protein, grain free foods. A lot of kitties here do eat that though. I'm a bit overly obsessive about his food intake and what I feed him. Its absolutely okay to switch up foods. Just make sure you introduce the food slowly and then make a rotation out of it. Hunter gets 2 different kinds of foods a day, and each day is different from the previous! If you introduce the food too fast and keep on switching it up, your kitties might get bad poops. On the back of the cans I feed Hunter, they also say to feed 2 cans a day. He isn't eating that at all. I feed him a can and a half a day, and even then he doesn't eat it all. He also gets kibble 1/4 cup. So I think that makes up for it. :)) Great job on reading! Feline nutrition is a big topic around here on catster. =; Good luck, and I hope your kitties enjoy the food! :^:
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 30 September, 2010
    You can also check on my site as well: This is a long list of grain free, high quality protein canned foods. Chicken soup for the soul has grains in it so I myself don't recommend that. Only grain free. My two little ones are never, ever going to eat anything with grains after what happened to my Alex. Hunter is right on how to switch slowly. Here's some good instructions on my site for that as well: Not all kitties have a hard time switching foods, mine don't. But I've started them off like this since they were kittens. They don't even eat the same brand in the course of one day. They'll eat Nature's Variety for breakfast and lunch and then have Petguard (only the grain free ones) and then maybe Weruva or Natural Balance. Variety is the best way to stop the threat of food allergies or food intolerance. If we ate the same thing all the time, eventually our bodies would get too used to it and might not tolerate it anymore. Same idea here. Try one thing at a time, give it a day or so to make sure there's no adverse reaction and then start feeding that regularly. Then add another thing in between meals and see how that goes.=;
  • Stacia BennettStacia Bennett Athens, GAMember Posts: 1,011
    edited 30 September, 2010
    Maddox generally eats whatever premium canned food is on sale that week! He mainly gets Wellness (grain free varieties) with some EVO, Instinct, Natural Balance, Felidae, and event he occasional Chicken Soup thrown in there. I don't Chicken Soup a lot because it is not grain free, but if I remember right grains are pretty far down the list so I don't think it would be a huge deal, and would DEFINITELY be a step up from dry purina cat chow. Feed them what they will eat, not what the can says. The food manufacturers often put the MAXIMUM that a cat could eat in an effort to get owners to feed more so they will buy more. As long as your cats aren't losing weight (don't confuse loosing fat and building muscle with loosing weight; when you switch to a higher protein, meat based diet you should expect your kitties to take on a leaner, more muscular appearance) and maintain a healthy weight then they are getting enough despite what the can says.
  • Jon MaysJon Mays Member Posts: 3
    edited 30 September, 2010
    Some great responses here, thanks a ton for the help! :)
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
    edited 30 September, 2010
    I am not knocking Wellness canned, but watch your kits with this food. A few kitties on here have gotten diarrhea from this food - maybe because it is rich. (I know Hunter has had issues with this one too)It think triggered an issue with my Smitty that has him on meds. Now I cannot say for sure it was the Wellness, but both times he tried it, he had probs. Some kitties do fine with it, just wanted you to be aware. Alex has lots of info on food! And WELCOME to Catster!
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