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Fussy cat, will only eat dry food. Good or bad?

Laura HancoxLaura Hancox LiverpoolMember Posts: 6
edited 4 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
My cat Marcie started off on a diet of wet food and we used to put a few biscuits on top, but all of a sudden she refuses to eat the wet food and only eats the dry biscuits, which is a complete food but I'm just wondering why the change and would it not be more beneficial for her to eat a wet diet? She will only eat one flavour of the dry aswell, which is Go-Cat. She's so fussy!


  • julie wallinjulie wallin knoxvilleMember Posts: 24,063 ✭✭
    edited 15 December, 2006
    I only eat dry food. My brother eats wet and I usually just ignore his food. I am very fussy cat, not just about food. Hope this helps.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 15 December, 2006
    Studies are finding that canned food is better for kitties, but that doesn't mean kitties will like it. Eating an all dry diet is fine, as long as you provide adequate amounts of water. I eat dry only and mom has 2 bowls of water aroung the house. This way, whenever I see a bowl, I go over to it and drink. (I overheard them saying I might get a water fountain for Christmas though...yeah!). The more water bowls you have the more water a cat will drink. I wouldn't worry about feeding canned food if it won't get eaten. Just be sure you are eating the proper amount of food and drinking water.
  • Laura HancoxLaura Hancox LiverpoolMember Posts: 6
    edited 15 December, 2006
    Yes, Marcie drinks plenty of water! We used to buy her cat milk aswell but she went off that quickly too! Thanks for the advice :)
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 15 December, 2006
    Sometimes a brand of cat food will change its formula and a finicky feline won't eat the new formula. The change could be very small but we can detect it. You can try a different brand of food.
  • Martha EubanksMartha Eubanks Member Posts: 7,349
    edited 16 December, 2006
    Some of my brothers and sisters are so fussy that they won't eat chicken or turkey or shrimp....only dry food. Dry food is better for their teeth.
  • Emma VanderbeckEmma Vanderbeck Member Posts: 2
    edited 16 December, 2006
    I am the same way! I go as far as not eating my dry food unless it is in full size pieces. When I go to eat in the morning and there is only the small, left over pieces from the last time me and my brothers have eaten then I won\'t eat it! I go and meow at my grandmas door (since she wakes up before my mom does) until she gives me fresh! My mom isn\'t too worried b/c we get lots of water. She tries to feed me some canned food a few times per week, but I never eat it.
  • Christy MChristy M Member Posts: 329
    edited 17 December, 2006
    me and my brother eat dry food only. wet food makes us have runny poop sometimes, and dry food scrapes the tartar off our teeth! so as long as she's hydrated, she should be good :)
  • Beth SopkoBeth Sopko New YorkMember Posts: 81
    edited 24 December, 2006
    Dry food does not scrape tartar off the teeth! From Evolution Diet: "Dry Kibble that can be served moist or dry (Especially important to serve male cats moist food to prevent urinary tract disease). A very necessary stratagy in extending the healthy lives of dogs, cats & ferrets is adding water to dry food. Dry food is human a conveinience. In the wild small animals eat moist food. Any type of dry food extracts up to an equal volume of fluid whenever consumed. Our observations show that adding water to dry pet food can add even more years onto small animals lives when used with a calorie restricted diet. Any dry food can lead to progressive organ failure, especially as animals age. As the animal dehydrates, blood thickens and can coagulate inside tiny arteries, progressively destroying vital organs. Hydrating dry pet food can prevent dehydration and increase life expectancy."
  • DAISY HuletDAISY Hulet toledoMember Posts: 13
    edited 25 December, 2006
    I eat dry Natural Balance for my teeth, Solid Gold wet food 1 time a day and raw 1 time a day. This way I get lots of protein and still crunchie for my teeth. I don't eat treats at all.
  • Sha LiSha Li HammondMember Posts: 390
    edited 28 December, 2006
    I eat dry food only. Mommy feed my brother and sisters wet food every other day but I never touch it. We all drink a lot of water though. especially my brother Pippy. He could occupy the water bowl for a long time!
  • Anna McCurdyAnna McCurdy HalifaxMember Posts: 609
    edited 1 January, 2007
    If you are eating good quality dry food with water it shouldn't be a problem. I eat dry food and a bit of wet food. Mom makes sure I drink water.
  • casmatta estellecasmatta estelle MontpellierMember Posts: 142
    edited 4 January, 2007
    I am very shy and fussy and always would eat only dry food. My three pals are given also wet and raw food but I only eat dry one. Mom makes sure I have enough clean water in a clean bowl (we cats pay much attention to that) and chooses a mix she makes between urinary diet dry food and one which is at a lower price (but not the worst, a middle-choice) and my health is perfect . When I'll grow much older I will be given only urinary diet dry food to preserve my kidneys of course. Purrs, Woody
  • Maria VMaria V Member Posts: 179
    edited 4 January, 2007
    I kinda became picky.. I used to just to eat a lot of tuna and hard food but now, I can only eat 1/4 of tuna out of a can of fancy feast tuna and the rest goes to my glutton brother.
  • Maria VMaria V Member Posts: 179
    edited 4 January, 2007
    Yeah my mom was worried about my sister's 'change' in food but they say that since she outgrew her kitten stage, so did her appetite. She's so into hard food now and they say it's good. But we still share tuna because it does well for digestion and our hairball.
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