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\\\"Urpy\\\" tummy

Sarah HerrSarah Herr GoshenMember Posts: 470
edited 5 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
My mom is worried about me because I seem to throw up everyday. The vet said I have a \"sensitive\" stomach and either we can just watch what I eat, or he could do some tests to see if there is anything going on with me. My mom is wondering if she should try a different kind of food. My sister and I are eating Purina Cat Chow indoor formula. I start acting up whenever there is any change in what I eat, such as a new kind of cat treats. The treats I have been eating are the consitancy of rubber erasers and my mom crumbles them up before giving them to me, but I still swallow the pieces whole and then throw them up later! If I am really hungry, I will even swallow my Cat Chow whole! If they give me canned food, I eat it too fast too and throw it up everywhere! Also sometimes I will throw up due to emotional stress, such as today when my family came home from lunch, I immediately threw up on the floor! Sometimes I will not eat until my family comes home and then my tummy is so empty it gets upset by me scarfing down food so fast! I seem to be very hungry all the time because I am always searching for food. If I find some food on the floor or on a counter/table I become very vicious if someone tries to take it away. The vet says I\'m healthy but I don\'t weigh very much thanks to being very active and throwing up my food all the time! Also I was orphaned rather young and maybe my tummy is messed up because I didn\'t get enough milk? I have always been a ravenous eater! Anyone have any ideas for me? - Stipey


  • Jerry MikutisJerry Mikutis ChicagoMember Posts: 135
    edited 4 January, 2007
    If you feed dry, I've heard that you can slow down the eating by placing the kibble on a big cookie sheet with a ping pong ball so the kitty has to eat around it. Or you can get rescue remedy or feliway to calm him down.
  • jennifer viscontijennifer visconti queensMember Posts: 2,157
    edited 4 January, 2007
    Hi! You may want to have some tests done. After puking all day everyday for quite a while, it was discovered that I have food allergies. I have to eat a perscription food from the vet. It's green pea and venison. I have heard a lot of cats on catster with sensitive tummies on different versions of this food (green pea and duck, etc) and they stoppped getting sick. But, it does sound like you feel that you have to gobble up your food before someone takes it from you, or that you are afraid there won't be anymore. The suggestion about spreading out the food is a really good one. Anything to slow you down. I know they make special dog bowls that have plastic bits inside ( I can't describe it right) that forces the dog to slow down how much it eats...I bet they make one for cats too. I would stay away from treats for now, and if you are switching food, do in gradually so your tummy doesn't get even more sick. Good luck!
  • Courtney DeemsCourtney Deems ParkersburgMember Posts: 177
    edited 4 January, 2007
    I feed Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula as well for reasons that have to do with Booger. Ironically, he used to throw up his food occassionally as well and because he seemed to throw up whole pieces I *thought* it was because he was eating too fast. I\'m not trying to scare you, but it was really an early warning sign to his illness. For that reason, I really think you should opt to have some testing done by your vet, especially because there seem to be so many \'triggers\' (e.g. dry food, canned food, treats, stress, etc.).
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 4 January, 2007
    I would opt for testing. There are a number of possibilities that could be contributing to your vomiting daily.
  • Sarah HerrSarah Herr GoshenMember Posts: 470
    edited 5 January, 2007
    Thanks for the ideas everybody!!! My mom might try the pingpong ball trick first and go from there. I forgot to mention too that when I was first adopted, my mom had to move her sleeping area to a place where I could sleep with her. I would throw up every night when left by myself! My dad doesn't like us cats on "his" bed. Once I was more grown up I was finally able to handle being by myself at night.
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