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edited 11 December, 2010 in Behavior & Training
:-h hello this is callie I gotta tell you what my litter brother did to mom today she is not sure why he does this and she is a little concerned. Here it is tiny (mom still has to make his page and post his picture she is gonna do that this week for the rest of the kitties too) so anyway Tiny came to mom and loved on her like he wanted some moma time (she always make time for each of us when we need it) so she picked him up and set him on her lap and when she leaned down to kiss him and love him och! he growled and grabbed her face, left 3 tiny marks from his claws on her forehead. She said \"tiny whats wrong?\" real gentle like and he HISSED so she put him down and he went and slapped Moemoe but she is quick and he missed her. This is not the first time tiny has done this. Some history: \"tiny\"is short for tiny tot he was the smallest of us all she had to bottle feed him he lost 1/2 his body weight as a kitten and he needed lost of TLC and meds now no meds and dr says no health issues. Sometimes he just ask for luving then when he gets\'s like he says STOP IT! and he attacks. Sometimes after the attack she puts him down and he runs and head butts her asking her to love him again.... Mom loves him any way and would never hurt him she is concerned one day he might get her eye he has gotten a claw in her ear where the earrings go. sorry so long just wasn\'t sure how to explain it with less words BTW he is bigger than everybody cept littl boy MOL


  • AbbyCatAbbyCat Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
    edited 9 December, 2010
    Most of the questions I can think of are probably questions you have thought of, but I will ask a few just in case: Is he aggressive in other situations or is this the main one? A slightly different question: Are there other times when Tiny is okay with being kissed? I am wondering if maybe he finds the human head coming down towards his face kind of frightening. The first time I kissed Abby she leaped away in fright--even now it unnerves her, though she is okay with bumping noses and loves to be petted (no laps). So perhaps he wants pets and attention and even sitting in laps but anything more, especially more cuddly, frightens him or infringes on his sense of independence? (One other thought: does it happen when you are wearing a particular scent?) Alternatively, is it possible he thinks he is playing? Abby very occasionally hisses when she plays--though fortunately it occurs when she is playing with a ball not with me. I think then you just have to continue to show him that once the claws come out, you will not give him attention. (Of course, the claws come out so quickly...) And finally, did the problem emerge gradually (Tiny getting more and more likely to attack) or did it happen suddenly--in which case it might help to figure out if something in particular spooked or changed him. Or, indeed, if it's a medical problem. Sorry I can't offer any thing more ...
    edited 10 December, 2010
    Thanks Abby for your thoughts we are not sure why but sometimes tiny loves to be cuddled and leans his head into moma's for more luvin he has changed his mind in mid stream for some time now since he was about 12 weeks old was the first time, but he only does it to moma and of couse sometimes he gets alittle aggressvie with us other kitties. We did think maybe he is mental MOL just kidding but really maybe he could be moody. Last time the dr checked him earlier this year his health is good.....oh well mom said she just had to lean to watch for the signs that he is not in the mood and be sure to steer clear of luvin on him during those times. Tonight he is being her little love bug and following her everwhere.
  • AbbyCatAbbyCat Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
    edited 10 December, 2010
    I'm guessing Tiny has already been fixed, but if not, then that might help. Some people with cats that are acting out a lot try calming products (Feliway which is a plug in that releases pheromones is a common one and I believe there are homeopathic calming drops as well.) I think if Tiny were to get more aggressive those might be something to consider. Perhaps this will be a phase he grows out of? I hope so...
    edited 11 December, 2010
    Thanks Abby yea mom had us all fixed when we were little when she knew our forever home was gonna be with her. Little boy had to have some rescue remedy and still does sometimes if there are strange cats in our yard mom is thinking maybe Tiny needs some of that every now and again, thanks for mentioning that she had never thought to give it to tiny for his mood swings. We hope he grown out of it too.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 11 December, 2010
    It's Queenie. I was a touch me not kitten when I was little, but I am slowly growing out of it. But I still only like to be touched on my own terms. I will come over and snuggle next to my person, but then I will sprint off. Something no one has mentioned: Does Tiny maybe have something on him that hurts when he is touched? If he has a sore back or foot or something, being held could cause a stab of pain if the person holding him touches a sore spot. Try checking him when you are not holding him for someplace that does not want to be touched. In our household, we are all getting bitten by Stella, who attacks the other cats, and sometimes they turn into abcesses. Purrs!
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