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So I've adopted a new kitten on trial from a friend who fostered the stray that my coworker's sister found (confusing, right? lol, I work at a vet hospital, so kittens/strays are not uncommon). I'm leaning towards not keeping him as a) my current cat is incredibly unhappy and has been in a foul mood, despite them being completely separated for the time being and b) my older sister lost one of her cats 2 years ago and is wanting to get another one and has fallen in love with him. Regardless, he is awesome and I adore him and if I had more time/space, I wouldn't let him go. In the mean time, he'll be with me until the 29th and is going in for his first vaccines/tests and all other kitten treatments on Saturday. He'll be 9 weeks old on Saturday. My problem is that he cries non-stop. I have him in the downstairs bathroom with a bed, two blankets, food, water, litter, and tons of toys, and I put an x-pen around the doorway of the bathroom so he can extra room to romp. If I'm out of his sight, he screams, if I'm in sight, he screams. If I'm eating, he screams. He cries when I pick him up, when he's playing by himself... He still tries to play bite, but we're improving on that well and he uses the litter box consistently. It's not the first time he's been without other kittens at all times (he was teat-obsessed and began sucking on everyone's wee-wees, so he had to stay in his own condo at 7 weeks when unsupervised) At the moment, I've tried to not give him attention or his wet food (he has dry food available at all times) until he is quiet, but he isn't getting it. Any tips or suggestions? Or is this just something he'll have to grow out of?


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    It sounds like the kitten does not want to be left alone. Have you tried staying in the room with him, holding him and cuddling him to see if he stops crying, did the vet check him to be sure he is not sick or anything, I have heard that sometimes the crys are just like a baby crying for help when they are in pain. Maybe when your sister can take him home and the vet can confirm there are no health issues, he will feel more at ease and sure of how much he loved. My callie still crys when i leave for work and when her "daddy" is home to hear it he tells me she crys for quite a little while after I leave. She just knows I am the one that is around to help make her feel ok and really loved.
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