Throwing up on Innova Lite

Jennifer O'NeilJennifer O'Neil JeffersonvilleMember Posts: 77
edited 9 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Mom is switching me to Innova Lite from California Natural b/c I need to lose a couple of pounds, but I threw up yesterday and today and she's worried that the new food may be causing it. Mom's mixing it in gradually but has anyone else had this problem?


  • Christina FarmerChristina Farmer VictoriaMember Posts: 227
    edited 7 January, 2007
    I would take kitty to the vet first and get her checked out, make sure there's nothing else causing the vomiting, other than a sensitive stomache. It could be simply that you're switching to a new food. The same thing happens to most dogs. As for me, and my siblings, Mom's had to switch food on us once (store was sold out). The only one who had problems was Kimba, my middle sister. She needed to be taken to the vet cause she was having a reaction to the new food. Aside from the vomiting, she was loosing chunks of fur, and had little/no energy. The vet gave her some meds, Mom switched back to our normal food, and Kimba was fine in a week.
  • Jennifer O'NeilJennifer O'Neil JeffersonvilleMember Posts: 77
    edited 8 January, 2007
    I'm not throwing up a lot. About as much as when I was eating Science Diet, which is why Mom started researching and learning about foods. I wish Ca. Natural made a reduced fat food.
  • Sha LiSha Li HammondMember Posts: 390
    edited 8 January, 2007
    It might be just the switch of food. I did that when mommy switched food and I vomitted just a couple of times before I get used to the new food! My suggestion for your mommy is to keep an eye on your for a little while and if it gets worse or last for long, then take you to the vet! Going to the vet is pretty stressful you know!
  • Krista DahnKrista Dahn HastingsMember Posts: 5
    edited 9 January, 2007
    Do you ever have hairballs? I do sometimes and Mommy makes me take this horrible stuff, a laxative or something. Could be a coincidence that the food and the hairballs were the same time, otherwise, just have your Mom go even slower to the new food. Go totally back to the old food for a few days then add only a few kibbles of new for 5 days and so on. Good luck, me and my brothers have always been on reduced calorie food cause we all have a tendency to "help ourselves" with other things in the house ie dog food/trash etc. Hope you do good on the new food!
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