Save Your Store Receipts!

Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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Didn't really know where to put this, but figured I could at least let my footyball and late late shows friends know, and I really feel, its of value to all kitty parents, none of us is rich and has money to waste. :-O Did all my errands and laundromat stuff yesterday, wanted to get it all done in one day, so could have a couple of days, not to have to go out, its like in the 30's here, cold and windy. So went to Kinneys and got some Lipton iced tea. I get it all the time and I know what it is supposed to taste like. Didn't taste right to me, tasted like it has plastic in it. So had to go out this morn to take it back. I live at Kinneys, its a drug store, get my meds there, get alot of other stuff there, have always liked Kinneys, well, no more, they will no longer get my business. Because I did not have my receipt, they would only do store credit, and, ya cannot spend it on alcohol, perscriptions or cigarettes. Well, who the heck, saves their reciept, and who expects anything to be wrong with a product, and a store to give you a hard time, we are talking like $10 here, not like $50. So I am told, and not very nicely, or even apologictly, to wander around the store, to find something. And none of this is even posted. Never had this prob taking back a defective product to the grocery store, they gladly offer a replacement product or your money back, and even apologize for the inconveneice, without a receipt. Never got this kind of grief before. I didn't have a prob with the store credit, figured I could put it towards my next perscription, nope can't use it towards perscriptions either. So, you might want to start saving your receipts, I certainly will, and guess what else this means, yup, the big Bump will be taking on Kinneys. And everybody and their brother, will know about the poor cust service at Kinneys. ::o


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    Also, check your receipts. It is busy at every store right now. Today we were charged twice for a $60.00 item. We never check receipts but it seemed a bit high and we had accidently been charged twice for an item. Had it been a cheaper item, I never would have paid attention to it.
  • Jan ArmstrongJan Armstrong Member Posts: 6,559
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    Yes. ALWAYS check your receipts. Even if it rings only a penny over go to the Service Desk make then refund the penny. Usually this is only an entry error and they will fix it in the system, but on rare occasions there are merchants who are trying to be sly and make extra money on sale items by using the penny or two tactic with the hope that either no one will notice or thinking it\'s too much a bother to get back their few cents. Saving receipts is a good idea, but contacting the manufacturer is better with as much info as possible. One, they will refund your money with a check or a coupon for a free item, and send along another coupon or two. Two, if there is something seriously wrong with the product you may actually save a life. My human just got several coupons for free Hamburger Helper. She got a batch of the same flavor that the sauce packets were not sealed all the way shut and the powder was all over the inside of the box instead of in the packet. The info Mom provided them with will help them locate the defect in the machine that unsealed the packets so they can fix it.
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