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Kitty obsessed with food

Eddie SEddie S north providenceMember Posts: 50
edited 27 January, 2011 in Behavior & Training
It may be that I have this new cat off of dry, which he was used to. He has adapted I suppose, he is eating the dry meat stuff I got from the vet, as is my cat of 6 years. Problem is he seems as though he cant get enough food. He isnt starving by any means, I think he alone eats a whole can a day, plus the meat I give him, PLUS he chomps on the dried meat too, but..... I can keep him away from my other cat's special food, that she eats in stages. This Im learning to deal with. What I cant deal with is I cant even make a sandwich without him trying to hop on the table and grab it. I dont mean after I leave it for a half hour, I mean like I turn my back and he's ON IT lickedy split. Im at my wits end wit him--never seen a cat with such a voracious appetite. I scold him, but it does nothing. The only thing I can think to do now is to seal him in the spare room when food is being prepared. Ive run out of solutions, but I guess its a youth thing? He's three... He is also an inside outside cat, and its winter, that might have something to do with it too. He's a shorthair and he doesnt like the cold very much so he spends most of his time indoors. Also, a behavior oddity: He doesnt GET the whole playing with other cats thing. I think he was raised alone and left alone alot till he ended up at the pound. Ive had him for four months now, and he doesnt seem to understand what right and whats wrong, he just gets scaredwhen I holler at him. Im tired of scolding him..... goes nowhere


  • Kristi BarfieldKristi Barfield CharlotteMember Posts: 75
    edited 4 January, 2011
    It sounds like your kitty may have been deprived of food at some point. A lot of times if a cat has spent a long time without having a reliable food source, (like if they lived as a stray, or lived in a neglectful situation) they will become food obsessed because they are worried that it may be their last meal. Have you talked to your vet about it? Maybe they could recommend something to help with that. |^|
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 5 January, 2011
    I agree with Lynch. When I get a foster that I know has been a stray or neglected I try to feed them as much as they want for a while to let them know that there's no shortage of food now. Sometimes that's all they need to curb that food obsessed behavior. This does NOT work when a kitty is on a diet however. :)) I have a small dainty female foster in who probably weighs 6 pounds soaking wet. Found with a litter of kittens outside but not feral - very affectionate. Anyway, once she relaxed and really started eating I was amazed. It's nothing for her to plow through 3 cans A DAY! I'm going to let her keep eating as much as she wants for a while because she looked thin to me when she arrived. But eventually I'm going to have to cut back her portions if she doesn't do it herself!
  • Toni VToni V Member Posts: 177
    edited 27 January, 2011
    Milo is the same. It's been several years since we brought him home - he was a mess, malnorished, sick, fleas and ticks - and he still thinks that there's going to be a food shortage. He's 17 pounds now and does NOT need to be eating all day. He gets into cabinets and regular food if he doesn't have his "safety net" but we are trying to wean him off it. I don't want him to get heavier and sick. The problem is the new kitty (who the Humane Society said was 2, but vet said she's not even a year old) who doesn't need to be on a diet. Fun times trying to figure it out! It might take a week or two to change their eating habits, but we are sticking with it. I love Milo too much to let him stay unhealthy.
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