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Bee Ware GNC Hairball Remedy

Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
edited 28 February, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
I live at Petsmart, go there every Fri to buy food, took back many a bag, trying to find one that Bump would eat, so they do know me. Since Petsmart now only carriers GNC products, your choices are now limited. Got the GNC hairball remedy, the petrolum free one on Fri, had to work Sat, opened it on Sat night. Tube says its a gel, opened it and squeezed, liquid came out. Kittens dancing, waiting for it, as they love the Petromalt. Let them smell the liquid, they walked away. OOOOOK, when it comes out as liquid, and kittens walk away from it, something ain't right here. Was not expired, seal not broken. Took it in, the first thing the girl says, well, you have to shake it. Are you kidding me? Do I look like an idiot? Got my money back, got to work, called the manager, advised him, they should not be telling people, there is nothing wrong with it, when there obviously is, and the girl, who knows nothing, should not be telling people to shake it. He said he would check the lot numbers. Then called corp, filed a complaint, and advised them that the girl should not be blowing people off, and don't even think, about blowing Bump off, he took on bigger corporations, and won. So, if you should buy, the GNC hairball remedy, it should not, come out as liquid, and don't let the kid tell you it should. If she had just given me my money back, without the lip, I would have been happy. Also told corp, if my cats had gotten sick, they WOULD be paying the vet bills. Would be remiss of me, to know this information, and not share it. =; :-h :D


  • Heidi FrischHeidi Frisch Member Posts: 453
    edited 18 February, 2011
    Hi; Thank you so much Bump for letting us know about this. Rusty and Cheetah need hairball medication from time to time. Well actually they should probably have it daily but don't get it. I don't like to use the petrolium stuff either. Cat hairball laxative should never ever be watery. It should be like a gel paste thing. I admire your courage sticking to your guns and not letting Snitty the Petco cashier try saying you don't know what you are doing, or that you don't know what you are talking about. I had a cashier at a rite aid pharmacy give me an attitude once. There were two little dogs panting in the front seat of a truck with the windows rolled up in the sun when it was over 100 degrees outside. I went to the counter and told them very nicely about the situation and this 17 year old looking snot nosed little piece of cat litter looked at me with a smirk and said ' And your telling me because.....?? I wish I had the intestinal fortitude of Gump to put him in his place.I was worried about the dogs so I I found two police men within the block from the rite aid to the police department cause that was were I was going and they handled it. But I wanted to just break the windshield or something. I wish I had been more like Bump. I think that is the only time I have ever looked for the police. :-h:-h:-h:-h:))
  • Heidi FrischHeidi Frisch Member Posts: 453
    edited 18 February, 2011
    Yeah, I need some sleep. I started out calling you Bump and ended up calling you Gump. Wow. rough nite at work last night but I didn't think it was bad enought to do more brain damage. Sorry,:r
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 18 February, 2011
    Ahhhhh.... my favorite subject, the lower level people saying so? Thats what the front desk lady said to me, when Bump found a chore boy under the bed, and chewed it up. Her mistake. Called corp. When I got done with them, they not only paid his vet bills, $300, but, changed their cleaning policy. Ya girly, take your best shot, Bump knows what to do next, and, you ain't a gonna like it. Had that happen to me at a large chain grocery store, same thing, doggies in a car, windows cracked, on a very hot day, sitting in the sun. Went to the store manager, he said so? His mistake. Called corp, made them look up how fast a car can heat up, even like on a 60 degree day, with the windows cracked. They apologized, said they would train the managers, and they announced over the loud speakers, every few min, about not leaving you pets or children unattended, in the car, on a hot day, thru out the summer. Was also told by my mother in law, who has since passed, and was an animal rights advocate, she took on many too, that I could have called the police, if you call them, they have to respond, so learned that one too. When it comes to animals, Bump don't never back down, and he don't never take no, for an anser. =; Don't even worry about calling him Gump, mol, I call him anything that rymes with Bump, mol. Did not take offense. :)) Got a very nice responce from Corp, they are looking into it, and yes, there is something wrong with the hairball stuff, others on the shelf were defective too. Told me to contact GNC and file a report, which I did, they were pretty unconcerned, didn't even ask which store, which tells me, they already know, there is an issue. That was my first, and will be my last GNC product, I buy, and, I will tell everybody and their brother, about GNC pet products. Bump ain't one to mess with, mol. :-O :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Aaron LeeAaron Lee SeattleMember Posts: 251
    edited 24 February, 2011
    Good to know, I was wondering about GNC's pet stuff while I was in the aforementioned store the other day...ewww..liquidy paste! You are the vigilant Catster consumer! thanks for the head's up! :)
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 28 February, 2011
    Just wish there was a job, you could make money at, standing up for animals, I excell at this stuff and I love it, taking down the lower level people and companies, who think, they can push pet parents around, mol. =; Do me a favor, and tell all your pet parents friends, about GNC pet products, we ain't a spendin our money, on your pet products, if you going to produce inferior products, and then cop an attitude about it. Isn't that how we got pet food companies, to listen to pet parents? ~a~
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