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I think I should diet.

Rachel GibbonsRachel Gibbons LongmontMember Posts: 1,686
edited 17 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Hi there!:-h I\'m Calli. I\'m a little chubby:r and my mommy wants to know how much food I should get each day.:-k I\'m a female kitty and I\'ll be 2 in March, I also wiegh 10 pounds. Is this kinda overweight a bit?:( I hope all you kitties out there can help me.%:D% Calli and he Gurl :^:


  • Christine CaseChristine Case MarionMember Posts: 10
    edited 16 January, 2007
    I weighed over 10 lbs when I was a baby kitten. Right now I weigh more then 15 lbs, and I\'m only two years old. The reason why my bio still says I\'m 15 lbs, because my owner is too lazy to put me on the scale. You\'re fine anyways, it\'s not chunky at all. I have a brother named Tiger and he is just like me! Maybe just a pound less. :-$
  • Alana RobertsAlana Roberts BrooklynMember Posts: 758
    edited 16 January, 2007
    HI there I weigh 11.5 lbs and am a around 9mo-1yr old. My sis Jabba weighs 12 lbs but sh'es 10 and a lot bigger than me. Ask your vet if you think your kitty is overweight - although Jabba weighs more than Wolfie she is not overweight while Wolfie is a little. It also has to do with age and the animals body shape and size. Much like a person a 5'1" person who weighs 200lbs may be overweight but stretch them to 6' and they might not be anymore - don't shoot me those are just random numbers...
  • Courtney DeemsCourtney Deems ParkersburgMember Posts: 177
    edited 17 January, 2007
    The \'average\' weight for the standard Domestic Shorthair is between 9 - 11 lbs. although anything up to 12 lbs. is usually not considered overweight. However, this \'average\' varies, sometimes drastically, between breeds. An adult male Maine Coon, for example, can weigh 20+ lbs. without being overweight. Since DSHs are a hodgepodge of all breeds, their ideal weights are individual to each cat. Females, in general, weigh less than males and some with rather petite frames can tip the scales at no more than 5 or 6 lbs. at their ideal weight. Considering all this, I wouldn\'t necessarily say that you are overweight, but if you are a petite girl, it is possible for you to be a few pounds over your ideal. You should consult with your veterinarian before deciding if you need to lose weight as well as how to do so if needed. Gradual weight loss is extremely important with cats as rapid weight loss, intentional or not, can be detrimental to your health. ~Booger~
  • Rachel GibbonsRachel Gibbons LongmontMember Posts: 1,686
    edited 17 January, 2007
    Hmmmmm, okay, thanx guys!%:D% I have a little flab of skin that swings underneath my belly:r and I am a Domestic Shorthair if that helps;). So thankyou for the info!=; Calli and her Gurl:^:
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 17 January, 2007
    What does your vet say? Do they say you are overweight? Since we can not physically see you, we can not be a good judge of whether you are overweight or not. Many kitties get the "spay sway" as it is commonly referred to.
  • Rachel GibbonsRachel Gibbons LongmontMember Posts: 1,686
    edited 17 January, 2007
    Hmmmmm.. maybe thats it! The \"spay sway\". Okay, but I have to be fed seperatly from the other cat, Sparx because she\'ll eat all my food too. She\'s the chubby one. Thankyou again guys, and Hunter to!%:D% YAY! Well, I\'ll make sure my owner gets this and she\'ll be happy, you know caring owners, they worry butm heym thats what makes them great!;c; Calli:^:
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