Does a cat companion have to be a cat?

Katrina AthayKatrina Athay Member Posts: 6
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Our cat just turned a year old this month, and a few months ago we had issues with her companion being extremely aggressive towards my 4 year old, so we decided it would be best to rehome her. Unfortunately we can tell our remaining cat is lonely, we play with her and give her as much attention as she will allow (she is very aloof, won't stay in anyone's lap, is not a cuddly cat at all and prefers attention on her terms), but it's not enough. She goes through our house meowing and howling, and is restless. I'm curious though if she could get along with a dog. After our experience with the cats, I'm a little wary of bringing in another cat, the two we had had a LOT of behavior issues, although rehoming the aggressive one seems to have calmed down the resident cat quite a bit, she still has things she does that can be quite frustrating, which we work on every day (and I do think some of it is because she's lonely). She's a purebred Bengal, and I swear sometimes she's more like a dog than a cat, although I do know she's still a cat, so that's why I wonder if she would get along with a dog and not be lonely. I don't want to get a dog and then find out we just made the problem worse. She was initially raised around several dogs at the breeder's house, and she was about 4 months old when we picked her up, but we do not have a dog ourselves now, so I don't know if that will have an impact or not.


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    I too sometimes think Hunter is lonely. However, I do have a dog. Problem is, Hunter is larger than my dog. I have a Yorkie, and although she isn't a teacup Yorkie, she is small. Hunter has been known to pounce on the dog, and lately Teaka (my yorkie) has been trying to get Hunter to chase her. They do have fun together, but its not the same. Teaka can't climb Hunters cat tree, Teaka can't climb and chase Hunter over the furniture. But when they are both calm, Teaka will go over to Hunter to get her daily grooming. Hunter doesn't mind one bit! Its actually really cute. From my experience, I don't think a dog is the best companion to a cat. It can be done though. If my dog was any bigger, I don't think my two would have as much fun. I think size has a lot to do with it, that and energy level. That is just my opinion. If possible get another cat, preferably the same age and energy level, or get another bengal! Or if you want a dog, get one that will be the same size as your cat when it grows up. That way your dog grows up with the cat. Thats what I did. I had Teaka who was raised around a cat and then I got Hunter. They were the best of friends, instantly!! I guess I got really lucky. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do. :-h
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    Dogs and cats can get along, but they don't really share the same behavior "language," so I don't think they can ever be best buddies. Since your adult cat is a female, you might want to try getting a kitten for her companion rather than an adult cat. Her "mothering" instinct may take over and she'll probably take a liking to a kitten. If Hazel is the least bit aggressive, though, you might want to get an older kitten (like about 6 months old.)
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    No reason a dog couldn't be a companion for your cat. Kira and Terra are absolutely best friends and Kira (one of our cats) prefers the company of our dog (Terra) to our other cat, Mocha. I think it depends on the animals. My understanding is that Bengals can be a bit of a handful to begin with. I had a friend who had a Bengal and he preferred people to other animals.
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