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I've been thinking about adding a cat to my household. I already have 4 dogs and I'm a bit worried about how they will act. How many of you have both cats and dogs? How did the dogs act when you added a cat to a dog household? I've had a cat before but we had to put her down a couple of years ago because she was really old and sick. I'm looking at getting a male cat but I know they have a tendency to spray if they're not neutered early enough. Do they tend to have more health issues than females, mainly urinary issues? I work at a vet clinic and it seems we have more male cats coming in with medical issues than females. Also do cats learn new names really quickly? I've been looking at a black and white male cat in my area named Po but I don't really like that name. If I were to change it would he start responding to the new name?


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    Hi Guest :-h, First off let me say welcome to catser! I have currently have both cats and dogs. I had my dog Angel at first, and added my cat sylvester afterwards. To be honest it was a little bumpy for about a week or so because when she first saw the cat her intial reaction was to chase him. But we had to work with he slowly, and eventually she learned that it was BAD to chase him. When we introduced the other cats, she didn't chase them cause it was already instilled in her that is was bad too chase a cat inside the home, but she was very curious about them. An sometimes got to rough while sniffing them. But now they all get along great, like peas in a pod. While she does chase other cats outside, she won't harm ours. An I would like to say that my cat didn't get neutered until in the later years as I adopted him when he was 3 and he wasn't neutered, but he doesn't spray. All of my cats are males, and none of them spray. As far as health issues, I don't think its gender based. I would say it is based on the cats immune system, and breed cause some breeds are prone to more health issues than others. As far as the whole name ordeal eventually if a cat gets referred to a name enough they will become use to it, and know it is there name. When we adopted angel at a year old, we didn't know what her name was and we came up with angel. An it took about 2 weeks to get accostumed to. Good luck on your cat hunt =;
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    Hello. I do have both cats and dogs, but my dog is extremely good with cats because she was raised with them as a puppy. To be honest, if your dogs have never been around a cat I would be very, very cautious. It also helps if the cat has already been exposed to dogs as well, otherwise they will be quite scared. Maybe one of your friends has a cat that is good with dogs and you could test it? However you should make sure to introduce only one dog at a time and make sure to have them on a leash just in case. Cats learn their name in the same fashion that dogs do, you must say it and repeat it a lot at first. Some cats learn faster than others, so it just depends. Most people don't ever spend the time to actually say and repeat the name enough for their cat to actually learn it and come to it when called, so it'd probably be fine to change the name to somthing you like better. You can always say the cat's given name and see if they react to it or not and that should tell you if they are already attached to a name or not. Hope this helps!
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