I\'ve made a playlist (from playlist . com) - need help on how to put on site

Julie O'ConnellJulie O'Connell Shell Beach, CAMember Posts: 39
I went to Playlist . com purrrr someone here's advice and made up a nice playlist I would like to have on my pages. I copied the code from the Playlist site, but have NO idea where to put it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa My kitties will always sit next to me when there's music playing. Even I will sit next to me when music is playing. Since I already have the playlist made up and have the Code copied - would someone be willing to tell me how to put it on all my web pages for my cats? Please help a crickity 51 year old disabled lady? I'm a little dull in the bean and would really love the help as I can't figure it out . . . :n:


  • AshPoGusAshPoGus AlbuquerqueMember Posts: 7,041 ✭✭✭
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    This looks long and complicated, but it really isn't hard! Just follow step by step. Click on "My Account" Scroll down to your 1st cat's picture (whatever page you want to put the music on). To the right of the picture, click on "modify biography & traits" On the page that opens, scroll down and click on "Fun Stuff" Paste your music code inside the biggest box, called "Body". You do not have to type anything in the 1st little box, on the left, the "Field name" box, but be sure to click on the little "Show on Profile" box underneath that until a checkmark appears, otherwise the music player will not show up on the page. In the little "height" box to the right of the big box you pasted your music player code in, you need to put a number. That number will determine how much space (in a measurement called "pixels") is given for that music player on the right-hand side of your cat's page. You want enough space so that it doesn't cover up other things below it on your page, but not so much that there's a big blank area. Look through the music playlist code for something that says "height" and take note of the number. Sometimes there will be more than one place where it gives a height; if they are not the same, use the bigger number. Add 30 to that and put that number in the height box next to your music player code. Now scroll down below those boxes and click on "Save Fun Stuff". Be sure you do that, or nothing will be saved. After you click on "Save Fun Stuff", the page will "refresh" and say "profile changes saved", in red near the top of the page for a few seconds, then that remark will disappear. From the top of the page, click on "see XXX's page", to go back to your cat's page and view the changes. Check the page to make sure the music player is there on the right-hand side of the page and also to see if it is overlapping anything or if there is too much blank space underneath it. If the space is not right, go back to the "Fun Stuff" page and adjust the number in the "height" box: -- if the music player is overlapping anything below it, add to the number -- if there's a lot of blank space below it, subtract from the number. To give you an idea about pixel size and how much to add or subtract, these 4 vertical marks equal about 50 pixels in height, if you are viewing your computer screen at the normal size (i.e., not enlarged). | | | | It isn't difficult, it just seems like a lot of steps when it's written out here. Good Luck! If you need any help getting the "height" correct, post here again and I'll help you figure out the right number to use. By the way, you can put a lot of different codes in that one big box. When you want to add a new code for something, just hit the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard 2 or 3 times to space down a few lines in that box, then paste in the 2nd code. Space down again after that code to leave some blank space before you enter another code, to make it easier to see where one code ends and another starts.
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    We don't use music on our pages so I don't have experience using playlist.com, but I heard that playlist.com no longer has an option for "auto start". If the music does not start automatically for you after you add it to your page, you may want to use mixpod.com for your playlist instead. Good luck!
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