Wet Food

Wendy HowardWendy Howard AuburnMember Posts: 1,602
edited 24 January, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
I hope there isn't already a topic on this... sorry if this is another. Does anyone know if it is good to feed wet food. We have heard that it helps prevent bladder infections. Is there any other benefits or should a chunky kitty stay away from the wet food?


  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 23 January, 2007
    Hmm. I've heard that feeding wet food actually helps chunky kitties lose some of the weight. That, along with not having dry available, especially not free-feeding. Mom wants to try a canned-only diet for my fatsister Luna. Wet food's definitely healthy though. It helps us get more moisture, since some kitties don't drink quite as much water as they should.
  • Jerry MikutisJerry Mikutis ChicagoMember Posts: 135
    edited 23 January, 2007
    I'm with Lucky Boo - wet food is better for cats than dry kibble for several reasons. Cats don't typically drink water (or very much) due to their ancestors being from the African desert, so they get their moisture from the food they eat - so if they're eating dry kibble, that's not very much water! It also helps with weight loss - I'm a chunk, but with a diet of mostly wet food, I'm slowly but surely losing weight.
  • Jennifer O'NeilJennifer O'Neil JeffersonvilleMember Posts: 77
    edited 24 January, 2007
    I was wondering what the health benefits were of wet food too. I'd heard it was better b/c of the moisture content but wasn't sure if it affected the kidneys/liver or what? Calla drinks a fair amount of water already but I have her on a combo of wet and dry food.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 24 January, 2007
    See http://www.catinfo.org for reasons why canned food is best.
  • Megan ParnellMegan Parnell Member Posts: 261
    edited 24 January, 2007
    In addition to the good info you've already received, Mom said I should also tell you that dry kibble likely doesn't do nearly as much for oral health as is commonly believed. We cats don't tend to chew our food good. We just crunch down to "crack" the kibble, and there isn't much useful abrasion happening there. In fact, my brother Iggie and I just had our terrible once a year abuse appointment. The abuser told Mom that Iggie (who prefers dry food) needs his teeth cleaned. I eat almost NO dry food (the boys each eat close to a quarter of a cup of dry daily), but my teeth are in better shape than Iggie's. So those kibbles sure aren't helping his teeth any.
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