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Computer cords and kitties?

Jennifer KriderJennifer Krider San DiegoMember Posts: 3
edited 14 June, 2005 in Behavior & Training
Abby will not stop going behind the computer desk and attacking the computer cords or any other cords that are behind there. We have tried blocking it off but she finds some way to get back there. I'm worried that if she keeps doing this, she'll chew through one and hurt herself. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get her to stop going there?


  • MARY HEFFERNANMARY HEFFERNAN Valley of The MoonMember Posts: 13,688
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Oh aren't all those cords just sooo tempting? The cat mother has seen some kinda bending tube things that you can use to "bundle" the cords between the equipment and the power source. She has been too lazy to unplug everything and run the cords through the tubes, but it would keep the cords covered and it looks better than having them all over, too. Can't remember what they are called, but there are different kinds and we are sure you could find them looking under computer "accessories."
  • Zinnia SantosZinnia Santos Miami/Ft. LauderdaleMember Posts: 232
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi Abby Living in a computer geeks home I know not to go behind the desks. Jacques offered a good suggestion try using tie-wraps the ones that are self locking. Also when you see him by the cords be firm say no and use something to make noise so he understands that's not the place to be. Coins in cans might work or on me it's maracas.
  • Lynzie BaldwinLynzie Baldwin Los AngelesMember Posts: 660
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Jacques' suggestion is a good one. At computer stores, you can find those velcro tie-dealies (I can't remember what they're called either) to bundle up the cords. Or zip ties work too. But if you're really, really committed to chewing on cords, Bitter Apple is the way to go. Your human can get this at any pet store. It's a spray that doesn't smell at all once it's dry (just unplug the cords before spraying them ... electrocution is a bad thing). But Bitter Apple tastes BAD! It won't hurt you, but once you've chomped on it a couple of times, you'll probably leave all cords alone, not just the ones behind the computer.
  • Chelsea SiemonChelsea Siemon Decatur/KalamazooMember Posts: 2
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My brother the bunny chews on cords too. My mom had to finally go to the hardware store and get the really thick plasic tubing. It looks like a very heavy duty fish tank air filter tubing. Even he can't get through that. Also my mom works at a fabric store and she says you can get those velcro strips that stick to themselves there too.
  • Lina ZúñigaLina Zúñiga LimaMember Posts: 12
    edited 27 February, 2006
    yay someone said networking cables.. hehehehe I have one of my own, my precious!!! hehehe, My daddy loved to worked around with his laptop everywhere in the apartment, well at least before I came... I love the sound of every cable in movement... specially networking cables, and gamecube cables :D I started to chew one large net-cable so much that my daddy could get connected with it anymore, so he finally give it to me.... and its only mine... :D and with that my daddy keeps me away from other cables specially the gamecube ones, and the cables behind our computer, well I go from time to time there to check how r they but only to takes mommy attention I dont chew it (unless that was my mommy thinks XD) and they keep me out of the room when they're not at home with me.... I learned my lesson on chewing cords... I destroy one laptop battery charger of daddy and 2 mobile phone rechargers... they only use them looking very carefully at me, and when the cables are still they r not so fancy to me as they r in movement... anyway... I love to play with my personal cable :D (see my pic in my page) and daddy and mommy have the rule if I do something that I know is wrong (chewing cable, stepping in the table while they eat) they put me in their room to meditate.... or to sleep that is what I really do... :D I wait until they finish and they let me out to have fun with them again :D
  • Jan CrockerJan Crocker PlacentiaMember Posts: 241
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Oooh, my friends, do be careful with electrical cords! They're dangerous. I had (still do, up here) very sharp teeth, so I could very easily have bitten through any cord I got my chompers on! Luckily for me, my kitty-mommy always made sure to shoo me away from them -- gently, of course, because we're pals with mutual understanding. So stay away from anything long that goes into a wall, and you'll be in good shape. Peace!
  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My mommy has found that the ties don't deter us from the cords. What she did was get these things that actually go inside a plastic case (kinda looks like a telephone cord). With these I can't get to the wires and it keeps everything neat so when I get back behind either computer or the entertainment center, I can't accidentally unplug something.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Hello, sweet little girl. Be careful with those cords and listen to your mommy! I never really had a problem with chewing on cords. In fact, the only time I ever went behind the computer desk was a couple of years ago, right after mom and me got back from the vet's office. I walked behind the computer desk to step on the power strip and shut everything off while she was working. hee hee hee I only did it twice and I think I made myself clear!
  • jen clarkjen clark StrongsvilleMember Posts: 1,099
    edited 27 February, 2006
    OH YEAH.... I remember when I was a kitten I was locked out of the catputer room! They put a baby gate up that had plexiglass so I would sit there and look in and meow, just about broke their hearts. Then one day I squeeezed myself under that gate, [ there was less than an inch of space to squeeze through] the girl was horrified when she saw me doing that. She picked me up and cuddled me and now it's my favorite room in the house. They then saw this product that you could hide your wires in... it's a corrugated tubing that houses any type of wire. They never had to buy it though because I never bothered the wires. I just wanted in the room with them hehehe. It's a good idea though and something to think about doing, better to be safe than sorry. Love, Saffron
  • Lina ZúñigaLina Zúñiga LimaMember Posts: 12
    edited 27 February, 2006
    well here we go again, I just learned my lesson the hard way, even dad and mommy laugh because I did the thing I was told not to... I was secretly chewing one power cord in the living room, slowly enjoying it like a prize, they get mad with me and even disconected it to avoid me any harm, but when it was unplugged I didnt play with it at all. I love to play with it specially when they r watching the tv or listening music... anyway a few days ago the were about to recieve another fellows in the house and they put some music and plugged the cord... and I was so happy and went with it to chew my prize, but I chew it to hard that a little spark come out and I meow so loud that daddy and mommy come to the rescue.. I was angry with the cable... he hissed me back! mommy told me that was dangerous and checked me up a lot to see if I was hurt... but I wasnt... Daddy laugh and say that for the expression on my face I will no t chew that cable again... and its true, they replace with other cord and I dont get near.. the hissing and the flashy thing scared me away... now I go back to the movile phone chargers cords... but now they dont leave anything to me.... :( oh well that was because I was so curious... me bad
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