Jack the Cat, lost at JFK

Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭


  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
    edited 1 September, 2011
    Aw, this makes Mom all leaky - poor Jack! He must be terrified. We will say purrayers that he's found safely and quickly! Please, Lord, send an angel to guide Jack to his rescuers.
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
    edited 1 September, 2011
    We have been following this. In case anyone remembers, VIVI, the little whippet, was lost and never recovered after slipping out of her crate at JFK some years ago. My brother works for Port Authority. He doesn't work at JFK any longer, and he works in a different division. The problem is that many of the people handling the animals, and the way the animals are handled by the airlines. After learning what I have, I wouldn't send my animal cargo. I would probably drive, or find a way to get the animal transported via a 'pet railroad'. I just don't trust the airlines, or the 'security procedures'. Animals are considered property. I would bet dollars to donuts that somoene either stole Jack, or opened a crate to pet him and he got out and is hiding somewhere in the airport. Cats as we know can squeeze into very small spaces. PS-the VETPORT, where many animals are boarded, has it's share of 'feral' cats around it. I always wonder if they are pets who 'escaped' their cages. I would not transport any of my babies by air.
  • Barbara FruinBarbara Fruin Member Posts: 614
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    We are purraying for poor Jack BIG TIME!! Jack, just tell ONE purrson where you are. Please. Luv, Tink
  • Eva viezelEva viezel MontrealMember Posts: 3,008
    edited 1 September, 2011
    Purring for Jack!
  • Jason MyersJason Myers Member Posts: 127
    edited 1 September, 2011
    Poor Jack! I really feel for her mom, she must feel helpless moving clear across the country and now waiting around to Jack to be found with very few updates from the airline. I sure hope they find the poor guy!
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex CountyMember Posts: 1,833
    edited 6 September, 2011
    I seen this story on the internet.. I would surely die if this happened to our family. Sue the pants off united airlines.
  • edited 10 September, 2011
    Jack the cat now has a purr-tition (petition)! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/892/290/234/ http://www.change.org/petitions/boycott-american-airlines-until-jack-the-cat-is-found/share#via-email We think everyone should sign/share because no kitty should be forgotten and left out in the cold night. Jack deserves to be found and to go home!
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