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Appropriate Weight?

April BennettApril Bennett Terre HauteMember Posts: 97
edited 5 November, 2005 in Food & Nutrition
What is an appropriate weight for a 6 month old Maine Coon? I weigh 9 pounds, and Mommy keeps saying I\'m fat. She just started letting me free feed on Purina One Kitten formula. Before that she tried to actually follow the feeding guidlines, but I always ate it all in minutes and demanded twice the recommened amount. Now that I am free feeding Mommy thinks I am eating less, because I just nibble a few bites and then do something else. Am I actually fat, or is Mommy just being mean to me?


  • Angela ClarkAngela Clark Fort SmithMember Posts: 15,094
    edited 27 February, 2006
    From what I've been told, it's approximately one pound of weight per month up to six months then it starts to flow toward where the cat will be as an adult. Since you are part Main Coon and it isn't unheard of for them to be 15 to 20 pounds, I wouldn't really worry about it too much. You might call your vet and see what they think. That kind of thing they should answer for you over the phone.
  • April BennettApril Bennett Terre HauteMember Posts: 97
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Okay, thanks. I don\'t like Mommy calling me fat, but my food is good, and I like eating! Dad teases me about being fat too, but he says that it\'s ok because that way he isn\'t the only chubby one in the house. Mommy is talking about a diet, but I won\'t let her. She can be so mean sometimes.
  • Deb O'NeillDeb O'Neill PerkasieMember Posts: 8,659
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I'm 7 months old and weigh 9 pounds! The vet says I am not fat and that I'm going to be big when I'm full grown. There is a sign at her office that tells you how an overwight cat will look if you're looking straight down at it.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    If you stand in front of your mom, facing away, she should be able to run her hands down your side and feel your ribs. They shouldn\'t be visible though. From there, there should be a slight \"waist\" between your ribs and your hips. Underneath, your tummy should rise a little behind your ribs and you have have clear flank folds. In an overweight cat, the abdomen is rounded and the flank folds hang down. It is so common for North American cats to be obese that it begins to look \"normal\" to our humans. If you look at some of our Catster friends from other places, they might even look too skinny, but they aren\'t. If your mom thinks you look fat, she is probably right. At the same time, Maine coons tend to be large, big-boned cats, so you may want to be careful about comparing yourself to other kitties.
  • Nicole KagilNicole Kagil Member Posts: 112
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I'm almost 3 years old and weigh around 11-13 pounds. However, I'm a Norwegian Forest, and mommy says that they're big boned and are one of the biggest breeds of cats. I think its the same for Maine Coons, so you're probably at a good weight. But mommy is wondering, is 11-13 pounds for a 2 1/2 year old Weggie a good weight?
  • April BennettApril Bennett Terre HauteMember Posts: 97
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thanks for all the replies. Mia, I know Maine Coons get up to 15-20 pounds, so 11-13 sounds about right for a Weggie female. Just a guess though.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    I don't think she is being mean to you......could just be an affection thing cause my mom and dad say the same thing to me and I weigh a healthy(even the vet said so) 16 pounds. The last time I had to go to the dr mom asked him if I was too fat and he said no. Actually back when my mom and dad got me away from my first owner I was way to fat because she would only give me one 8oz cup of dry food a day and I would gobble it up as fast as I could. My mom and dad freefed me and I have cut down on how fast I eat and I have lost weight. The dr said it's because I now know that when I'm hungry I can eat and I don't worry about when I get to eat again.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi there I'm not a Main Coon but I was in a simular situation. When my new mom and dad got me out of the free offers of a local paper I was so fat I was starting to have a hard time breathing right. I was only fed 2 cups of food a day and didn't get much exercise before. Now I get freefed just like my brother, sister and neice and I have lost a few pounds and love to run around playing. Mom weighed me back when they got me and I weighed just under 30 I weigh around 16 pounds and mom is starting to be able to feel my ribs a bit and I have no problems breathing now. My mom said I should tell you to tell your mom a good rule of thumb is to see how easy you can feel your cats ribs and that a healthy cat weight should make your cat look like an hour glass if you look down at it. Good luck.
  • edited 27 February, 2006
    Mia I'm a Norwegian Forest cat too. I'm 5 years old and weigh 16 pounds. Iwould say your weight is fine.
  • Jan CrockerJan Crocker PlacentiaMember Posts: 241
    edited 27 February, 2006
    To Aragorm: A Coonie\'s \"appropriate weight\" depends hugely on the cat\'s gender. My human mom, who loves checking out the Cat Fanciers Association website (, found this valuable info about Maine Coon Cats: AMERICA\'S FIRST SHOW CAT: THE MAINE COON CAT By Gail Frew \"... The Maine Coon Cat is a massive, broad-chested cat with a long, rectangular body and the fur is long and flowing. The males average around 12 to 15 pounds, with some going 20 pounds or more. The females are smaller, averaging 9 to 12 pounds ... The Maine Coon is slow to mature, often not reaching full development until three to four years of age.\" To Aragorm\'s mom: My mom is an avid reader of Cat Fancy magazine. That\'s where she sees these ads for a cat food that supplements a breed\'s particular health concerns. This brand -- the name of which temporarily escapes her flaky memory -- includes Maine Coon food, which is designed to protect the joints of this large, muscular breed. (Coonies apparently have lots of problems with severe arthritis in their hips and knees, and this special food includes glucosamine, which also helps people\'s joints feel and work better.) Given that the Maine Coon\'s tendency toward joint problems is surprisingly commonplace and always extremely painful for the cat, you might want to keep Aragorm a bit on the slender side from now on -- overweight/obese animals, no matter what their specie, have many more problems with their joints than do their slimmer brothers and sisters. Here\'s to a happy, healthy, and active future for you, Aragorm. Good luck! Purrs, Girl P.S. Before I became an angel, I weighed 8 1/2 pounds, and I was as active and gorgeous a female Coonie as any could be. From what I hear, Emmy is a svelte and gorgeous 9-pound British Shorthair, another stocky breed. I guess it pays for people to keep their kitties a bit on the slim side for their body types!
  • KittymomKittymom MiltonMember Posts: 266 ✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi Aragorm: I'm a mixed breed and the vet told Mom I was a little overweight when she took me to see him. I eat TechniCal Adult Lite canned food and TechniCal Adult Weight Formula dry food. Mom and Dad put out my food and I just eat a little bit when I get hungry. I don't eat it all at once but it's there if I want it. I am a big cat, 15 lbs. but I am tall and long as well. I play a lot and run up the stairs and down the hall, so Mom and Dad feel if I'm doing all that activity, then I'm healthy. I have not put on any weight since I came to live with Mom & Dad in January 2005.
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