toe biting --- ugh!!

Tara McKeeTara McKee PittsburghMember Posts: 11
edited 30 October, 2005 in Behavior & Training
This is Emmy's mom. Well, Emmy has had a little issue in the past couple of weeks. Really the only problem I have besides I can't seem to be able to trim her nails. Anyway, Emmy loves to bite my toes. If I am standing in the kitchen, she will come in and bite my toes. It is especially annyoing in the middle of the night. I have had said "no, bad kitty." and moved her but she goes right back to doing it. I even have removed her from my bedroom and closed the door, but she even continues. I have even hid my toes in a blanket and she still manages to find them and bite then. HELP!!!


  • Nancy RNancy R Member Posts: 63
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I used to bite my mommy's toes too. She would be sleeping on her bed and I would pounce on her toes and bite them. I would also grab her leg and bite her ankle or calf when she was leaving the house. Mommy would tell me no but i would keep doing it. I'm not sure why or how I stopped but I was little when I did this and then when I got to be a little older I stopped, maybe around 1 year old.. Mommy thinks that I was just playing with her and then when I got older just didn't want to play like this anymore. Also around when I stopped our human roomate moved out and it was just mommy and I together and I had 100% of mommy's attention, instead of just 95% :) I also used to bite her head when she was sleeping, I stopped doing that too. Sorry if this isn't much help but maybe it'll just take some time for her to grow out of the habit. Bandit
  • Angela ClarkAngela Clark Fort SmithMember Posts: 15,094
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    Marina is a biter too. When she was little, mommy threatened to get that stuff from the pharmacy that they paint on children's nails so when they bite their nails it tastes bad and they stop doing it. Maybe that would work for you. Just paint it all over your toes and when you get bit it will taste nasty and hopefully she will only do it two or three times before she gets the message.
  • Tara McKeeTara McKee PittsburghMember Posts: 11
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Velvet and Bandit- Thanks for your reponses!! I do think little Emmy is just playing. I know there is no harm meant. I do hope she outgrows this soon! Velvet- I have thought about getting that gross nail stuff from the drug store and put that on my toes. Maybe that will work! Happy Halloween!! Emma!
  • Tammy SchreinerTammy Schreiner FresnoMember Posts: 322
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Sometimes we don't outgrow it...........I still wake mommy up every night by biting her toes! He he he he
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