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Picky Eater

Mark TobolskyMark Tobolsky Front RoyalMember Posts: 5
edited 1 November, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
Hi All, I posted this on the breed specific page but thought I could get more feedback here. I have a male pixie-bob who just about a year old. He's been a picky eater since I got him. He eats his dry food no problem but canned or the raw poultry the breeder recommended has been an issue at times. He has free access to his dry all day and in addition we feed him canned or raw poultry mornings and evenings. For the last 4 months, he's been eating his chicken without fail and in fact, he'll remind us it's time! We typically buy fresh or frozen chicken breast and cut it up for him. The last couple of weeks, he's been turning his nose up at it. We can't figure it out. We've tried different types of canned foods but he's more interested in the gravy then the meat. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  • Pam LaVignePam LaVigne JohnstownMember Posts: 5,251
    edited 31 October, 2011
    His growth may have slowed down and the dry food may be enough. Since you want to continue with supplimenting with canned and raw my suggestion would be to cut back on the dry food by a quarter and also to pick it up for a few hours before you want him to eat the other stuff so that he is not nibbling dry right before you want him to eat,he has a little more hunger,and is more likely to eat the canned or raw. Then you can put his dry back down to nibble on. I really can't think of anything else to help you.
  • Mark TobolskyMark Tobolsky Front RoyalMember Posts: 5
    edited 31 October, 2011
    "His growth may have slowed down" Thanks for the response. That's my gut feeling. Pixie Bobs don't reach full maturity until 3 years of age. He's about 14 pounds at almost a year and I expect him to reach 20lbs or so by age three. He certainly isn't starving, that's for sure as he's solid as a rock and he's as active as he always is. It just might be a phase...
  • Mark TobolskyMark Tobolsky Front RoyalMember Posts: 5
    edited 31 October, 2011
    I figured it out! I typically buy Purdue frozen tenders. He gets one in the AM and one in the PM. I bought a store brand because it was BOGO. He didn't like it. Went out and bought the Purdue and BINGO! :) He's woofin' it down like there's no tomorrow!
  • Cindy SnowCindy Snow San Jose, CaliforniaMember Posts: 2,251
    edited 31 October, 2011
    Hey good job! sounds like you've found the brand of choice!!! I used frozen chicken tenders sometimes as a treat or topping on food, thanks for posting this.
  • Joyce AtkinsJoyce Atkins PortlandMember Posts: 653
    edited 1 November, 2011
    Even though this was probably meant to be on Catster I am glad you found something Socrates likes with his kibble. Cats can be finiky at times and they just need a little change of food. I wanted to say that he is so cute. I have never seen a Pixi Bob before and I have worked a lot of cat shows.
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 1 November, 2011
    I just want to remind everyone that it's not a good idea to feed kibble and raw within 12 hours of each other. The kibble takes a long time to digest and if there's raw behind it bacteria can develop. Raw moves through very quickly so it doesn't bother kitty's stomach. But if it gets "stuck" it can be a problem. That said, I'm happy to see so many supplementing with raw meat. If you're interested in learning how to balance raw nutritionally into a complete meal, come join us in the raw forum. We love to help!
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