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Abyssinian Kitten

kathleen Owenskathleen Owens Member Posts: 1
edited 11 November, 2011 in Choosing the Right Cat
Does anyone know about the kittens from El Qahira cattery? Has anyone had direct experience with them? Thanks


  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 3 November, 2011
    I haven't heard of that cattery, but here is a good article from the ACFA website on how to find a reputable breeder. Some questions they suggest asking a breeder are: -What is the personality of this breed? (is it active or placid) -How much grooming is required to keep this breed in top shape? (daily brushing with a bristle brush or occasional brushing with a rubber brush) -Are there any genetic problems with this breed which will affect the cat in the future? -Are there any special dietary needs of this breed? -How big will the breed generally get? -How does this breed get along with other pets or with children? -Do you participate in a cattery inspection program? -What is in your contract? -Do you guarantee the health of your kittens and does it come with a certificate of health signed by a Veterinarian? -Do you provide copies of the blood tests that you have done to show that your cattery is free from contagious or infectious diseases? I would also suggest asking if their cats are registered and if they show their cats. Reputable breeder register their cats in at least one major association (CFA, TICA, or ACFA) and show their cats (even if only occasionally) to confirm their cats are meeting the written breed standard. Ask to see the sales contract, and look at it closely. There should be a health guarantee as well as a spay/neuter agreement. They should also be willing to to take the cat back and assist with re-homing should the need ever arise. A reputable breeder will always take a cat they've bred back before seeing it end up in a shelter or any harm come to it. The kittens should also have received their first kitten vaccines. The breeder should be very knowledgeable about their breed and should enjoy talking about their breed. A reputable breeder will also ask you questions. They may even ask you for a vet or personal reference. Don't be offended, they need to know their baby is going to a good home with responsible owners. Good luck searching for Abby kitten!
  • Laurel KowalskiLaurel Kowalski Gateway to the WestMember Posts: 486
    edited 3 November, 2011
    I have no info on this breeder. Does this breeder show her cats?? According to the CFA Midwest region, there is a show in Wheaton, IL Nov. 26-27. I'd go for the mid morning Saturday show. Don't wait for Sunday show. Are you looking for one color in particular? I googled to see where your breeder was. Google showed me a breeder by me in Fairview Heights, IL. Wow, her Jammer had lots of show kitties. She as a list of all the winners. Looks like the Abyssinian Midwest show is here by me, June 18 in St. Charles, MO!
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 4 November, 2011
    Human got an Aby kitten one year ago tomorrow from Fairbanks Farm :) Abys are not for everyone. They are an *extremely* active breed and are constantly running and playing and trilling :-O They have no off button. Well, Human's Aby doesn't anyways :? He's a busy-body. And a troublemaker. He's too curious for his own good :-/ Two Abys might seem like a good idea but then you have to deal with two active kittens and it might drive you nuts. Human's other cat is a rescue and is a typical DMH and is nowhere near as active as the Aby. Abys are prone to dental problems so good home dental care is a must. If you do decide on a breeder, make sure that they test for a genetic disease called pyruvate kinase deficiency and elminiate postive carriers from their breeding program.
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 11 November, 2011
    Cookie, the first show you mentioned has been moved to Dec 3rd this year due to the National show being held Nov 19-20, and the second one is june 16th. It doesn't really matter if it says "Abysinnian Show", that's the name of the cat club. The shows are all all breed. Also, if it's a 2 day show, it's generally all .day, both days and not divided by sessions, unless it's a 'back to back" which is 2 separately named shows on a Saturday and Sunday. Yes, cat shows are confusing at first! ANYWAY!! To the OP, I'd suggest going to a show near you (look on the CFA or TICA calendar ) and ask some ABBY breeders about the one in question. Most breeders somewhat surprisingly don't cut down one another--if you ask five people and nobody knows or has anything good to say, I'd steer clear. The thing is, if they are a quality breeder, they will be working with others in the area to some degree, so someone will have info. If you are near Chicago, come to the National Show in Indianapolis Nov 19-20, it's not too far for you! There will be tons of breed info and contacts available there. And should you have a sudden change of heart, Meowma can tell you all about Burmese and let you pet my brother Bodrouex in her vendor booth. He's going to be there schmoozing the public, the fat headed ham. Heck you should go rub on him anyway, he feels like silk.
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