Litter Champ?

ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
edited 9 November, 2011 in Cats and a Clean Home
Hi everyone, Ben and Kizmet's mom here! Does anyone have one of these litter disposal systems? I was thinking of getting one, as the apartment we moved into does not have convenient access to the dumpster, and I'm not going to start tossing waste into the normal trash for it to sit for a couple of days. Bagged or not, it gets nasty! There are 2 furry kids in our family, and we use clumping litter. I know the product says that one bag refill usually lasts 2-3 months per cat, but is that with clumping litter too? My cats pee a LOT. MOL. If a refill will last about a month with these two, I'd consider it, but if I have to replace em moe frequently, I won't bother. Thanks!


  • Laurel KowalskiLaurel Kowalski Gateway to the WestMember Posts: 486
    edited 3 November, 2011
    That looks pretty neat! Kinda like a diaper genie. Question - Any thought to using the flushable litter if your family would go for it?
  • Tessa TaylorTessa Taylor Member Posts: 15,662 ✭✭
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    Just an FYI- I use Swheat Litter which is flushable but after about 2 years it did finally stop up my toilet. So now I scoop the pee pee litter and put in a bag between cleanings but with the poopie I do scoop and put that in the toilet. I also use flushable wipes to clean out the bottom of the litter pan after scooping up the pee pee- just a helpful hint! I have heard that those fancy litter machines are more trouble than they are worth.
  • maya shemolewitzmaya shemolewitz holonMember Posts: 85
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    lucky and the gang mom here: I just bought one for the gang (5 cats) a month ago. and I'm in love with it! worth every cent. also finally no need to use non Biodegradable bags from the grocery store, and it locks away the nasty smell. i can't tell you about how long the bags will last cause I have 5 cats so the container fills up within a couple of days.
  • ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
    edited 5 November, 2011
    Thanks all! I ended up ordering it, as I had a credit on my Drs Foster and Smith account and it seemed the best thing to get. The only things they NEED are food and litter, and they don't offer any brands we use/like. So I went for it. Otherwise I would have bought toys, treats, or another bed! haha. Now if only I could get them to use the toilet.... :))!
  • maya shemolewitzmaya shemolewitz holonMember Posts: 85
    edited 6 November, 2011
    :-/ toilet training? not i our house. any way, i just did a huge order from it came in like two days after i bought it, and they have a really large range of cat food there, though i they they are a bit expensive, but not too much, and they say their shipping is only $4.5. so i gave it a shot. I might just order from them again.
  • ericka deciutiisericka deciutiis los angelesMember Posts: 193
    edited 9 November, 2011
    Well so far we have two happy boys and a happy mommy! I got it on Saturday, and I like it. I mean, I haven't had to empty it yet, I'm just tossing the waste in. But the kids are very excited that the box is getting scooped in the mornings again. They come in and watch me. LOL. And I really like having the option of getting rid of something particularly nasty that may 'pop up' instantly. :)
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