Surgery at our age

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Hi everyone! Friday I had to go to the vet because a lump near my left shoulder blade (vaccine site) was making mommy scarred. We find out tomorrow (Tuesday 8, Nov.) if it is a vaccine related sarcoma. My doctor looked very concerned when she was talking to mommy. If it is, then we will be faced with the decision about surgery. Knowing that this type of sarcoma is often an aggressive caner, has anyone our age gone through surgery for this before, and if so, what was it like? We're all pretty nervous right now, and any information would be appreciated. Thanks! Sandpaper Kisses Chiquitita :^:


  • Michele RohyansMichele Rohyans Member Posts: 231
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    I guess that I should include my age, I am 15years old; I forgot that in the initial post. :B
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
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    Hi Chi, This is a tough one. I can tell you that I had dentistry a year and a half ago. Mommy was scared because I had more trouble getting over it than usual. In the past I'd bounced back. However, add to that that I was a BAD PATIENT!!! I did not let them keep my IV line in properly. I twisted it up and they decided to discharge me early as I was not getting what I needed. It resulted in Mommy racing me back to the doctors. I was fine...but it's a good exampale of how we don't always bounce back as quickly. On the other hand, Natalie is estimated to be anywhere from 10+. She had serious breast surgery....and is a fiesty, rather rude and funny cat that took the surgery in stride and did well. I think the benefits of a surgery should be considered with the risk. From what I know, it's in our ability to heal, and the anesteshia they use that is worrying to vets and parents. Whatever, please know that you are thought of here. By the way, we have heard of many cats who do very well with surgery in their later just seems to depend. love, Bella
  • Michele RohyansMichele Rohyans Member Posts: 231
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    Thanks Bella!
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
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    Just letting you know that I had an eye removed last January because of an iris melanoma. I was turning 16 too.....It is almost a year later. The cancer was all in the iris so I was lucky.....Good luck whatever you do....
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