What do other toothless kitties eat?

Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
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Isabelle has many teeth missing or extracted and was just told today that her last canine also has to be removed soon. She doesn't seem to have trouble eating dry food (not sure if she scoops it with her lips or what) but pushes her wet food around more than she actually eats it. :? When she has no grasping teeth left at all, how will she pick up her food? :-k Basically all she will have left are her molars for chewing. What kind of food will be best for her? Also, what shape dish do you use for wet food? I have a small plate with a slight lip to keep the food from spilling over but wonder if somehow this is making it hard to pick up the food?


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
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    Shadow has no teeth except her 2 fangs and a few little inscissors. she has been like this since she was just over a year old, she is now 10. She had some autoimmune thing, and she had to have them all pulled. She used to eat dry years ago before I learned about feline nutrition. She basically swallowed the kibble whole. I tried to find the smallest kibble I could, but then she would sometimes throw it up if it didnt go down properly. She has been on wet food for a long time now, no dry. She has no issues with it, I just put it on a flat plate. Sometimes she gets it on the floor, but she always cleans it up. Also we have little stands for both cats that the dishes go on. They are about 3 inches high, this help too with digestion.
  • Laurel KowalskiLaurel Kowalski Gateway to the WestMember Posts: 486
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    Honey, my sweet angel was missing a lot of her front teeth. She liked the canned food that were shreds from Friskies because of the gravy. She would eat the dry food if it was on the carpet next to the bowl. She pick the pieces one at a time & sling them to her back teeth. It was slow going. Even now, Brownie paws the dry food out of the bowl to eat them off the carpeting. In canned food, I know that the Fancy Feast minced turkey is a good one. Merrick cowboy cookout & ocean breeze are a soft lickable ones. The EVO 95% one like duck was a ultra soft pate. You can add a few drops of water to make that one a little runny to be like Merrick. The Merrick chicken ones were too firm for my cats. Lots of water would have to be added to make them runny. There are also freeze dried food that you can rehydrate like Stella & Chewy or Honest Kitchen that is dehydrated. Here is a link about a free sample: http://carolscrittercorner.com/2011/12/03/free-honest-kitchen-sample/#axzz1fYAbZlxJ Which dry food are you using now? The shape & thickness may be something to look at. My cats like the Holistic Select "Y' shape kibble & they are thinner than some kibble. Two paws up for the duck one says Brownie.
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    Ruffy-No teeth at all-eats fancy feast classic chicken and turkey. Also, Friskies turkey and giblets and sometimes mixed grill. All kinds of 'real' chicken, turkey and beef and a piece of ham once in awhile. He has not had problems eating any of it. Bella, the same, despite lacking a canine, and a few other teeth. My vet says their hard palate can help them with eating. We find that when they eat off paper plates, the canned is easier for them-though they can eat off their other plates, too. Ruffy never bothered with dry, so don't think it's for his lack of teeth. He just doesn't care for it.
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    Silver has teeth missing and deals with an occasional swelling when I miss a fish based ingredient in his foods, he gets canned as much as possible. He puts on eight very fast with dry foods so I avoid them as much as possible. Not exactly answering your question but I hope I helped.
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    I guess she will figure it out, right? :) She is not a fan of pate food, it must be shreds, small chunks, etc. and there are not many good foods out there like that (although she may change her mind when she realizes that's all she's getting). It'll be a rough little while when we make the change to all wet!
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